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Border Bandido

Rating: 5

Jerry Jennings Border Bandido

Some things don't change... and that's for the better! The original Texas Burrito tastes the same today as when I first had one in high school in the 1970's In fact, I think they're still using the same plates and hardly changed the decor since then either but always clean and greeted with a smile . ;-) Hard to find a better value for the money.

Rating: 5

KILY Border Bandido

You have to go in and try one of their burrito's. Skip the Taco Bar and get a Texas Burrito. It's a ten inch burrito that is huge, and I've lied about inches before and this one is for real. I get mine with the beans and meat, or the beans and chicken with queso. The best around. Don't try a Super Burrito, it'll leave you cryin' for your Momma. Their hours are a head scratcher. The owner is kind of old and doesn't want to work a whole lot, so it's kind of a hit and miss deal. Not open on Sundays. I miss that because the burrito's are great hangover food. Their sign says they've been open for 40 years.