1226 E 23rd Street, Lawrence, KS 66046


Opens Monday at 7:30 a.m.

ATSI opened in 1993 with one thing in mind; provide the city of Lawrence with automotive service unlike any other. While maintaining our reputation in performing outstanding transmission and driveline repair, we continue to excel in our knowledge with the automobiles of the forth-coming years, as well as those of yesterday.

Does your transmission truely need rebuilt? Can the transmission be repaired? Is there a short in the electrical system between the computer and transmission? Or is it a sensor or solenoid issue? ATSI can accomodate you with all of your transmission and driveline questions and concerns.

All repairs are done in-house, creating a relaxing, convienent experience that is fulfilling to your expectations of the service that you deserve.

We are here to provide a service. A service to those of you that are needing guidance toward correcting a problem. We are here to solve that problem, and stand behind it.

Three years ago we moved directly across the street from our previous location! We are providing all vehicle services including brakes, alternators and external engine repair! We still offer our un-matched reputation in automatic transmission and driveline repair as well! Don't forget to ask us about our environmental friendly, extended service program next time you come by.....