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Citizenship & Job Attainment

“English as A Second Language class is very important to me. I came to the US from Spain three years ago and did not speak English. I was a nurse and wanted very much to be able to work. But I did not understand the language enough to get a job. I have learned English and now have a job at the Health Department and Hospital. I am a translator and use my nursing skills to help others. Without the English classes, I would never been able to have this opportunity to work in the health field.” Maria ”Studying in English class has been very good for me and has helped me especially when it came for my citizenship test. The citizenship class helped me prepare. Citizenship was very important to me and my family and I have accomplished my dream. I came to the US from France fifteen years ago and I love my new country a lot. In December, 2008 I was sworn in as a US citizen.” Michele