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13 1/2 E 8th St, Lawrence, KS 66044

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  • Phone: 785-841-5454

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Rating: 4

chewy_carnitas A & S Rental Solutions

Smaller company but usually fast to respond to issues. They are more laid-back than some of the other management companies. Sometimes they can be a little hard to reach because their office hours are only 5 hrs a day, but I would recommend them over some of the other companies.

Rating: 2

connorryan32 A & S Rental Solutions

I wouldn't suggest doing business with A & S after my experience. The home was nice, but was unfinished upon moving in (the carpets weren't stapled down, there was no trim separating the linoleum from the wall, etc). Anyway, she charged me and my roomie for those things after we had moved, saying we had messed them up. There were also unaddressed bug problems. There was a beehive I didn't know about in the attic, and upon me setting off a bug bomb, they swarmed. Like nothing I had ever seen honestly. Upon calling A & S, no exterminator ever game, they just left eventually. Didn't have hot water for about a month. Once the AC flooded the hall way, and ruined the carpet. They fixed the AC but left the carpet and took it from our deposit afterward. The deposit was well over a grand, and we didn't get any of it back (I'm a very tidy guy, never had a problem getting a deposit back before). Got charged a few hundred even. To top it off, our landlord was just kinda a bitter lady. Clearly always mad about something. Legit tried to get me arrested after finding some empty shell casing after I moved out. Called the police and everything. They obviously though didn't care. Whether or not you like guns, I'm an avid shooter, it's my hobby, its a right, and it's legal.

Look, the places they rent out are fine, even sorta nice for college kids or grad students. But the actual management just isn't worth it in my opinion. Hell, they're only open from 9:00 til 1:00, four days a week.

This is a picture of the bees trying to get back into the house after that bug bomb scared the hive (picture is of the bees on the window).