Two groups say letter with Brownback signature was ‘misuse of religion’

Two groups say Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback should set the record straight on his position about a letter sent by the Catholic Advocate one day after Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington filed a complaint against Brownback for the letter that criticized Sen. Ted Kennedy and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as not being real Catholics.

Brownback’s spokesman Brian Hart has said the ethics complaint is unfounded, and Hart has also said Brownback’s office has already asked the Catholic Advocate to discontinue using Brownback’s letterhead or signature. Politico is reporting that a campaign staffer approved the use of Brownback’s name with the letter several months ago.

Members of Faithful America and Catholics United say the events have led to “conflicting news reports about Brownback’s position on the letter.”

They are asking him to denounce the letter, and they insist he demand any funds the Catholic Advocate raises either be returned or donated to charity.