The best of your ‘Worst Poetry’

I really thought I’d get more submissions than I did for bad poetry. Thought the commenters would be all over this one.

Hands down, this was my favorite of the entries I got. If you’re a regular on the comment boards, the author will look familiar.

“I wake up all too often
and have to leave the bed.
I’d much prefer to lie there
and rest my weary head.

I come to this recliner
not wanting to partake
of any more bombardments
the Internet can make.

Bad feet will not consider
a trip to the TV,
to change another movie
and I really need to pee.

So once again you’ll find me
sitting where you read me last,
at least I have not sat so long
my skin is sticking fast.

That WOULD be just the ending,
for you to read about my fate,
“What happened to Old Multi…
haven’t heard from her of late?”

They found her where she always was,
her mouse in hand, eyes crusted.
The URL read by the cop
“One millionth comment posted”

Multidisciplinary, Aug 18th 2009″

Oh, man. Good stuff.

I also really like this one:
“Sarah Palin Sarah Palin
Oh and Michael Vick
Michael Jackson dies
Bob Novak gets the stick

Wild dogs in Georgia
Pregnant moms and SUVs
Al Gore’s carbon footprint
Don’t cut down the trees

Anger over taxes
Anger over wealth
Anger over anything
That has to do with health

Another day on ljworld
Fishing for debris
Can’t get this kind of comedy
Anywhere on TV

Feel free to add more bad poetry below. Get creative!