It’s Bad Poetry Day – what you got to say?

So, I stumbled upon the the worst poetry in Chicago and it’s pretty terrible. The first one is about Oprah and it’s hysterical. Turns out today is Bad Poetry Day!

I want your worst poetry. You can email me or just post your worst in the comments. I promise to read them all and post some of my favorite examples of the worst poems you can conjure up. Make your high school poetry teacher cringe.

Here’s mine (brace yourself):
Oh, Darnell Jackson
How I love your action
Running up and down the court
You’re such a good sport
You started at KU
Oh, the things you would do
Like becoming a national champ
And heading off to the Cavalier’s camp
Not only can you ball
Your heart is as big as Fraser Hall
Supporting the Boys and Girls Club
You’re never one to snub
So my bad poem is for you

My favorite number, 32
Forever you’ll be my favorite big man
To Darnell Jackson, Love your number one fan.

Wow, I even amazed myself on that one.
Show me your stuff!
Go, bad poetry, go!