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FTC - No fines will be levied in Google ‘Street View” probe

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European countries have also opened their investigations into the Google cars that travel street to street with rooftop mounted cameras and the images they collect for Google Map's street views. France has ruled that the images collected amount to personal data and will go as far as to pull over a Google car if they think they're recording. Germany wants people to be able to "opt-out" while Great Britain has no problem with cars or the images they collect. Meanwhile Canada has ruled that Google did break the law but that it was a "careless error" on their part

Even though the case was closed, the Canadian sentiment is in line with most of the European one - that Google Inc stepped out of bounds and rather arrogantly assumed they could create their own definition of what types of information is private.

Privacy concerns have dogged Google since the inception of Street View. I personally enjoy the service and find it useful. It's fascinating to be able to take a virtual tour through a city or visit the Great Pyramids of Egypt from my laptop.

I do think that Google would do well to at least label their street cars.