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Roller Coaster Temperature Ride

Greg Postel

The weather pattern we're locked into right now is one that features large temperatures changes over our region every several days. A few days of 20s and 30s are soon followed by the 40s and 50s, and so on. The movement of weather systems across the country in recent weeks ...

Cooler Weather Expected

Matt Elwell

After a mild stretch (especially for the beginning of November) we are about to see those temperatures come to an end. With that, you can expect our first rainfall for the month of November. It looks like your Thursday will be the transition day between those warm temperatures and much ...

Midwest Storm Nothing Like A Hurricane

Greg Postel

The "massive" Midwest storm that swept the media's imagination into a frenzy early last week was actually not massive at all. In fact, at 956 mb, it set our national record for the lowest pressure in a nontropical system. According to the National Weather Service, this minimum pressure broke the ...

NOAA Releases Winter Outlook

Matt Elwell

In my opinion, fall has been FANTASTIC, especially by October standards. Yes, we have had our share of cold evenings, even setting records in the beginning of the month, but temperatures have been relatively close to average. Our big drawback has been a lack of rainfall. Last winter, as you ...

When Will It Get "Cold" Again ?

Greg Postel

What a difference a year makes. Summer 09 will be remembered in our region for its unseasonable chill, and the brutal winter of 09-10 was one for the record books here in Eastern Kansas. But those cold times seem a distant memory now. Since last winter, we've had quite a ...

Severe Weather Season: Part 2?

Matt Elwell

In Kansas, most people think of one time of year for severe weather season... spring. In many respects that is correct. The spring storm season has some of the most violent storms that Kansas has to offer. If you think about the shear number of severe thunderstorms that we see ...

90s to Start September?

Greg Postel

After a brief cooldown during this upcoming week (Aug 23-27), when our high temperatures Tue-Thu will likely hold in the 80s, a return the 90s is expected by next weekend. These conditions, which will be several degrees above normal, should last into early September with less than usual chances for ...

Scorching Temperatures Are Back Again

Matt Elwell

I suppose that it is bound to happen. It is August in Kansas after all. Extreme heat will make its return to northeast Kansas by Sunday and keep going well into next week. Computer models are consistently putting our daytime highs into the mid-to-upper 90's through Thursday of next week, ...

Weather In Lawrence For July - By The Numbers

Matt Elwell

I have been asked by several people over the last few days about the heat we have experienced so far in July. We certainly have had our share of hot days and when we add the humidity into the mix, it seems to make it much more uncomfortable for the ...

July Heat To Build Again

Matt Elwell

July is typically known for the heat and humidity that it brings to the Midwest, but that hasn't been the case so far this year. As a matter of fact the last time that we hit 90° at the official reporting station here in Lawrence was on the 28th of ...

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