Cooler Weather Expected

After a mild stretch (especially for the beginning of November) we are about to see those temperatures come to an end. With that, you can expect our first rainfall for the month of November.

It looks like your Thursday will be the transition day between those warm temperatures and much cooler air that will sliding into place. It will also be the start for rain showers, especially toward the afternoon.

Our best chance for rain will be on Friday as the actual cold front swings through the area. Temperatures will struggle to make it to 50° with clouds and scattered showers likely. The latest model runs show some different solutions to this setup. Most models are showing the rain picking up for the afternoon and evening. If you have plans for the afternoon, there is some hope. There are outliers (models that don’t agree with the others) that are working to slow the progression of the front into the area.

If that model run holds true, you can’t rule out light rain through the first part of the day. What it does mean is that there is a chance that the bulk of the rain would not be in place until 7 or 8 in the evening. I think that is far-fetched at this point. You can count on this, though. We are looking at the end of those unseasonably warm temperatures.