Obama Inauguration


Has Stimulus Failed? Take Two

The question gets more and more valid every day.


Getting Used to Socialism

People get used to the hardships brought about by socialism.

Southern Perlo

Speak Low, BP/Obama

Wha the President fails to mention in his unspoken inaction.


Barack Obama - Dictator of United States? Bush: "It would be easier."

The Hollywood left has suggested that President Obama become Dictator of the United States. Updated May 20, 2010 with George Bush's declaration of his desire to be dictator.

A blog about...

Obama's Women - A National Trend

Janet Napolitano, Sonia Sotomayor, and now Elena Kagan: Can you spot the trend? Updated May 13, 2010.


Repeal the 17th Amendment

Why I think the 17th Amendment should be repealed.


Obama comes to my hometown

Just saw the air plane that bring the president around.

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Sarah Palin: It's Your Birthday! What Your Gift Would Be

If you could give Sarah something for her birthday, what would it be?

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Talking about Deficits

What is a realistic plan to reduce the deficit?

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What shocked you with the State of the Union address?

What shocked you the most about the State of the Union?

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Obama: Waiting a Year to Budget?

It seems like a simple enough theory, but I can't quite seem to wrap my mind around it.


Has Stimulus Failed?

At what point in time will we declare the stimulus a failure?


Rush Returns to Radio Today.

Rush Limbaugh is expected to return to the air today, Wednesday. Here's where to find him.


Lawrence Has Issues

Listen to yourselves. It's not the cows that are the problem.

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Obama's Saddest Day

On Tuesday night, the nation listened to President Obama make a clear and forceful case for an increase of troops in Afghanistan. He detailed how an increased investment (in soldiers and money) is necessary for the security of the United States. Basically, he established how he is going to address ...



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weapons bans coming soon?



One thing I agree upon with Mr. Obama: What kind of country ...? #1 in a series of questions by Gnome

Compulsory, confiscatory, mandates, and controls: Do we as a country choose this?

Loyal Opposition

The “Joe Wilson” Affair

Did Mr. Wilson demean the country with his comment to the President or was that comment a natural outgrowth of the very nature of the President’s speech?

Loyal Opposition

Squandered Trust

Has the Democratic Party squandered the trust emanating from the promise to “change”?

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