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Gun Control!

Improves my aim.

RoeDy's Day At The Range
(Image from personal collection)

RoeDy's Day At The Range (Image from personal collection) by RoeDapple

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85,485 Rounds Fired! No One Killed Or Injured!

The A-Team

The A-Team by RoeDapple

That's right, over 85,000 rounds (estimated) of ammunition fired in my lifetime, and like every episode of "The A-Team", no one has ever been killed or injured as a result of me enjoying my hobby. Contrary to what some believe, firearms are not necessarily designed for the purpose of killing, rather they are designed for launching projectiles in the direction the handler so chooses.

For myself I take great pride in my marksmanship and even if it isn't quite as good as it once was I can still do a pretty fair job of punching holes in downrange paper products.

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