Elections 2014

Former GOP Congressman Ryun heads group backing Wolf

Peter Hancock

A group headed by former Kansas Congressman Jim Ryun is making automated phone calls, or "robocalls," to Republican voters endorsing Milton Wolf in the upcoming Republican Senate primary, opposing one of his former congressional colleagues, Republican Sen. Pat Roberts. Ryun, who served five terms in the U.S. House, is now ...

Candidates try to turn 'big news' into Big Data

Peter Hancock

Both major candidates for governor have begun using a tactic pioneered by the Barack Obama campaign back in 2008 that seeks to use major news announcements as a tool for gathering data about potential supporters. Some might remember back in 2008 when speculation was swirling about whom Obama would name ...

Former congresswoman denies endorsing Davis

Peter Hancock

The number of high-profile Republicans endorsing Democrat Paul Davis for governor is now down to 103. Former U.S. Rep. Jan Meyers [told the Kansas City Star Thursday][1] that while she did agree to join the group Republicans for Kansas Values, she did not intend for that to be taken as ...

New jobs numbers offer no relief for Brownback

Peter Hancock

A new [Kansas labor market report][1] released today is unlikely to provide Gov. Sam Brownback with any relief from a barrage of negative reviews in the national press about his tax cuts and economic policy. The June report shows private-sector employment has grown only about 1.3 percent over the last ...

Santorum to stump for Brownback

Peter Hancock

Former Republican Sen. [Rick Santorum][1] of Pennsylvania will be in Kansas next week to stump for Gov. [Sam Brownback][2]'s re-election campaign. Santorum is a religious conservative who is perhaps best known for his staunch opposition to abortion and gay marriage. He and Brownback served together in the Senate from 1996, ...

Roberts releases attack ad against Wolf

Peter Hancock

U.S. [Sen. Pat Roberts][1] released a [TV attack ad Monday][2], questioning his Republican primary challenger [Milton Wolf][3]'s qualifications to hold office after posting graphic X-ray images and other personal information about gunshot victims on a Facebook page. The ad, which is based on [news reports in February][4], repeats a quote ...

Democrat Kelly Kultala responds to call for her excommunication

Peter Hancock

Democrat Kelly Kultala, who is running for Congress in the 3rd District of Kansas, responded this week to a comment by the chairman of the Wyandotte County Republican Party who called for her excommunication from the Catholic Church. "Last week I was outraged when the Republican Party county chair called ...

AP reporter to join Brownback campaign staff

Peter Hancock

John Milburn, a veteran statehouse reporter for the Associated Press, has been named the new communications director for Gov. Sam Brownback's re-election campaign, effective July 14. Milburn has been a Statehouse reporter for AP for 13 years covering state government, politics and the military. Before that, he worked at the ...

Roberts signs Obamacare repeal pledge

Peter Hancock

Republican U.S. Senator Pat Roberts has signed a pledge sponsored by a conservative women's organization to repeal, defund and dismantle the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The pledge is sponsored by [Independent Women's Voice][1], which considers the pledge a "litmus test" for candidates that it either supports or ...

State now operating on thin margin

Peter Hancock

This week's news that the state of Kansas finished the fiscal year with a $338 million revenue shortfall will reverberate for the rest of the upcoming year, and raises the possibility that Gov. Sam Brownback may be forced to order unpopular "allotment" cuts before the November election. Meanwhile, Rep. Paul ...

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