Elections 2014

Results, reaction as Kansas election returns come in

Nick Gerik

11:07 p.m. Paul Davis has conceded his race against Gov. Sam Brownback. --- 10:55 p.m. **Brownback widening lead over Davis** — *by Peter Hancock* With complete results in from Johnson and Wyandotte counties, Republican Gov. Sam Brownback has established a lead over Democratic challenger Paul Davis that may ...

If elected, Docking won’t seek cabinet post, will likely focus on education

Peter Hancock

Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Jill Docking said that if she and her running mate Paul Davis are elected, she plans to focus on education issues, but does not plan to hold a cabinet post, as some other lieutenant governors have done. “I’m not likely to have a cabinet position because ...

V.P. Biden says Orman “with us”

Peter Hancock

Kansas Republicans on Tuesday pounced on a comment by Vice President Joe Biden who seemed to indicate that he thinks Greg Orman will align with the Democrats if he wins the U.S. Senate race in Kansas, something that Orman himself has never stated publicly. During an interview with WPLR-FM in ...

Voter privacy concerns raised again

Peter Hancock

The 2014 election may be remembered as the starting point for a new and novel kind “get-out-the-vote” tactic: threatening people with public humiliation if they don’t turn out to vote. People who have received such messages have described them as “Orwellian” and complained that they are an invasion of privacy. ...

Reporting from the polls

Michelle Tevis

6:08 p.m. **Chatter about the police headquarters sales tax issue, via Chad Lawhorn:** I have been known to put the “un” in unscientific, especially on Election Day. I’ve spent almost two hours chatting with voters at various precincts across the city, particularly about their thoughts on the police headquarters sales ...

Democratic Party mailer upsets some Kansas voters

Peter Hancock

A postcard sent out recently by the Kansas Democratic Party that was intended to boost voter turnout has instead caused some voters to complain about an invasion of privacy. "Responsible citizens vote and people are watching to ensure that you do your duty," the postcard reads. It goes on to ...

National Republican Senatorial Committee not giving up on Roberts; "clown" flap

Peter Hancock

A strategist for the National Republican Senatorial Committee on Saturday posted a comment on Twitter that might be ominous for Sen. Pat Roberts. "no Senator under 45 in RCP average heading into Elex Day has ever been re-elected," [wrote Brad Dayspring][1], who is also a former staffer to former U.S. ...

Davis reclaims lead in latest Rasmussen poll; Jenkins internal poll shows her up by 12

Peter Hancock

**Davis leading in governor's race** After a number of polls showing the Kansas governor's race tightening, [a new poll out Friday from Rasmussen Reports][1] shows Democrat Paul Davis has reclaimed an eight-point lead over Republican Gov. Sam Brownback. The poll shows Davis ahead, 51-43 percent, among likely voters who are ...

Latest Senate poll shows Orman up by 5 points over Roberts

Peter Hancock

A new poll in the U.S. Senate race in Kansas puts independent candidate Greg Orman up by five points, 49-44 percent, over Republican Sen. Pat Roberts. The [survey by Rasmussen Reports][1], an independent firm whose sampling method tends to favor Republicans, shows Orman getting support from 31 percent of likely ...

Orman spokesman reassigned over Gitmo flap

Peter Hancock

A spokesman for independent candidate Greg Orman's U.S. Senate campaign has been "reassigned" after posting a [comment on Twitter][1] referring to Sen. Pat Roberts and other Senate Republicans as "bedwetters." Sam Edelen, who had been part of Orman's communications team since early in the campaign, is still employed by the ...

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