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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

I agree with this move. Anonymity leads to the problems mentioned in the article: lies, personal insults, extreme and racist postings.

It's been fun. Peace. Out.

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Current federal government shutdown similar to 2009 showdown in Kansas

By asking Obama to "compromise" with a gun to the head of the US economy, the GOP are staking an unusual position.

They are basically saying that they, the GOP, have no interest in ending the shutdown and funding the government, and that they can use this as leverage to get Obama to defund the ACA. This is their compromise.

Ending the shutdown and funding the government has become Obama's issue, as the GOP have basically abandoned it with their hostage-taking strategy, which implicitly has a disregard for the health or well-being of the hostage.

Strange days for the GOP.

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Current federal government shutdown similar to 2009 showdown in Kansas

The senate should pass a continuing resolution with a total assault weapons ban attached to it, and then ask the GOP to compromise.

This is what is happening now with the GOP attaching an unrelated desire (defunding the ACA) to the continuing resolution.

Legislation by gun to the head, the new GOP "strategy", or lack thereof.

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State argues court can't order more funding for schools; two justices say state broke its promise

"He said the Legislature has to deal with economic realities and that when tax revenue tanked..."

Two things:
1) Since when does the Brownback administration and the GOP deal with realities?

2) Tax revenue tends to tank when taxes are cut, as Brownback and the legislature have done.

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More than 1,100 furloughed because of federal government shutdown, state officials say

The GOP talking points are changing. This is no longer a government shutdown, but a temporary lapse in federal funding. Also, the ACA is rarely mentioned by them anymore. Instead, they vaguely invoke out of control spending.

This change in message makes me think the GOP are trying to soften the impact because they realize that the shutdown is their fault and, more importantly, they realize that the American people realize the shut down is their fault.

Pass the popcorn!

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Brownback administration won't treat same-sex married couples the same for tax purposes

"According to Kansas law, married couples are to use their Federal filing status as the basis for their Kansas taxes..."

More evidence that the law must bend to Brownback's ideology.

Brownback does not respect the law when it is not in line with his religious ideology. He would rather have a nation not based on the rule of law but on the rule of men and their ideologies.

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Saturday Column: Review of universities must be taken seriously

"It’s understood several ground rules have been suggested before the tour gets underway."

Yes, I imagine there will be much that will go unsaid, as legislators check their emails or play Fruitcrush as KU officials are speaking.

Legislators have already made up their minds, as evidenced by a cut to the budgets of institutions that has already gone into effect.

These visits are post-hoc cover for legislators that have already passed legislation based upon their ideologicaly driven preconceived notions.

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More than 1,100 furloughed because of federal government shutdown, state officials say

All because the GOP want to hold the economy hostage by adding ACA defunding, an unrelated issue, to the budget resolution.

Governing by gun to the head. The new GOP legislative strategy.

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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

The democrats should now insist that an assault weapons ban be part of this resolution, and insist it be passed lest the shutdown continue. They should also then say that the GOP are unwilling to compromise when they refuse to vote on it.


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