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Town Talk: West Lawrence restaurant closes; Famous Dave's close to making announcement; Glass recycling at Farmland possible

Beimers...over priced! This town needs more competition to get the best BBQ. Wait...I know... Let's have a BBQ Off!!!

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In this submitted photo from Pete Haack, asian carp jump from a stream near the Clinton Lake outlet

A couple of Kodiak Bears... would take care of them Asian Carp!

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Study: Moderate drinkers tend to live longer than teetotalers

Oh, here we go again! This may be the 4-5 study I've read in the last 21 yrs! Tweaked numbers every time, this time sponsored by the wine (California) & beer (Lone star) Tx to get those $$ numbers back up. Stay Thirsty My Friends! Now,..... where are those car keys!!!!

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Behind the Lens: Planning key for photo projects

Mike, I just have to comment on the vinland shots. Great works, and the one that touched me was the shot of the grandfather with grandson sitting up against the tractor wheel. That shot painted
Family tradition & the American Pioneer Spirit.

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Lawrence has third straight day of triple-digit temps, warning in effect until Wednesday evening

101! Yeah, played 3 hrs of Pickleball/tennis today & was still sweating 45 minutes after I stopped. Didn't feel the effects till then but the humidity really seemed tolerable. I'd rather sweat it out on the court than snow shoveling the drive way any time!

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Behind the Lens: Paradise viewed through wide-angle lens

Mike, you're the best! Keep those shots coming in. LJW is so fortunate to have you to share your talents with its readers.

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KU men to open Big 12 season at Iowa State

Wow! Going from not knowing our fate with the realignment of the Big 12 to premier national TV exposure is a real turnaround! Now when I go to South Tejas (South Padre Island) for the month of March I don't have to fight the local yocals @ the sport Bars for my Jayhawks! Talk about your March Madness!

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All regular-season KU men's basketball games will be nationally televised

Wow! Go from not knowing our future with the Big 12 realignment to national coverage is a real turnaround! Now, when I go to South Padre, Tx in March I don't have to fight the local yocals for my KU BB @ the sports bar. Talk about March Madness!

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Tonganoxie man killed in fatal Turnpike accident

The most dangerous driver is a text-messenger driver!

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Ready to serve: A veteran and tennis player embraces life

What a wonderful comment on life's lessons. We are always in a constant state of flux & the ebb and flow brings us back full circle. Jay, if you still want to stay active, check out Pickleball. It's the sport retired tennis players go to.

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