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Lecompton hoping new Spielberg movie 'Lincoln' generates interest in historic town

I think it's strange that Lecompton celebrates Territorial Days, glorifying the town's pro-slavery history. I remember having an African-American student (KU football player) who was encouraged to participate in the Territorial Days parade by his assistant coach (who was history-challenged, I assume). I told my student the history of Lecompton, and he told his coach that he'd rather not attend the "Klan rally" in Lecompton! He got punished...what an irony!

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T trouble

Wow!! I thought I saw Don Draper on the bus the other day!

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Whom do you look up to in your community?

The title of this article is grammatically incorrect. It should read, "Who do you look up to in your community?" OR "To whom do you look up in your community?"

Just being a smarty_pants!

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Aisha Khan’s family giving reward to police, charity

Let's just hope she's not found dead as the victim of an honor killing. Sharia law allows it if the woman disgraces her family. She was most likely forced to marry. I saw one shot of her "husband" on the news. He looked like he was about 40. So it appears her family would rather she be in an arranged marriage with a much older guy than possibly have a Western boyfriend.

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Enrollment outreach

I'm an adjunct at JCCC and at another community college. In the two years I've been at JCCC, I've gotten two raises. Raises are based on numbers of semesters taught. Also JCCC pays very well and provides great support for its adjuncts. At the other smaller community college, I haven't gotten a raise in three years.

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Downtown approach

Get rid of the aggressive panhandling bums in downtown.

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Tom Blubaugh pleads guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in KU ticket scandal case

Living high on the hog takes on a whole new meaning after seeing Tom and Charlotte's pics. Never enough, never satisfied, always got to have more...and more...and just a little more...

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget cuts raise concerns about special education funding

Yeah, Why not provide nursing home care?

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget cuts raise concerns about special education funding

I knew of a severely and proufoundly handicapped who "attended" school at Hillcrest. This child who was strapped in a specially designed wheelchair appeared to be unable to move or communicate at all. However, had his own private bus plus two or three paraprofessionals attending to him at all times in addition to the special education "teacher." I used to wonder what the point was of him attending school. Honestly, I believed it was mostly to give his parents a break. Can we afford to keep doing this?

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Authentic faith


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