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State education board seeks $656 million funding increase

I agree. I subscribe to the print edition; I like to read online as well. The questions that I have to wade through to read the articles online are absurd.

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Voters to have their say on future of Lawrence schools

I AM a good teacher and have taught under a variety of poor have missed the point; outstanding teachers can actually teach any place under any conditions. The retention issue is separate-that is why the salary and professional development piece needs to be addressed in place of money for schools that will likely be closed a bit further down the line.

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Voters to have their say on future of Lawrence schools

The community and school board are ignoring the substantial body of educational research that clearly demonstrates buildings and resources do NOT make the difference in a student's academic achievement-teachers do. Sadly, my own children have had very few outstanding teachers. While teaching is hard and student achievement is based on multiple factors, I see little spark or passion for learning the art of teaching. I would like to see our teachers have a solid knowledge of content with the interest in finding how best to present that content. It appears that the administration and teachers have a less than friendly relationship. My guess is that teachers would like to have the opportunity to grow both professionally and monetarily. I would like to see the administration and school board spend their time and resources in figuring out how to make that happen rather than repeating the tired budget "can't do it" response.
A majority of students in Lawrence have access to all the "latest" technology, which is impossible to keep up with in terms of monetary resources. I think this bond is ill-timed and I will not be voting yes.

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