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Local officials continue efforts to prevent closure of SRS office

That's what this governor seems to do: take money that would normally fund the lower parts of organizations like SRS, the Arts Commission, etc, and then hire some of his friends to be high ranking heads of various departments. And while that money could do a wealth of good for so many people, instead it's all going to go towards 1-2 people's salaries.

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A proposed expansion to the Lawrence Public library includes a renovated entrance on Vermont Street,

"Can't we do some old architecture? " Spoken like an American who doesn't know a thing about architectural design. Doing something new but then trying to make it look like it's old is just sad, and as far as design goes, doesn't pay any respect to the contemporary age in which it's being added on. Most of the other buildings downtown that look old actually are old. If every new addition or building added to the downtown area was made to "look old" to 'match' (which it wouldn't anyway) the rest of the area, eventually the downtown area would be a conglomerate of (fake) old buildings, and the historic value of old downtown Lawrence would decline. A tasteful mix of old and new is what adds contrast and character, and actually makes things interesting.

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SRS options

taxes should simply be imposed using an exponential model based on annual income :)

the rich who complain about being taxed out the wazoo, at the end of the day, still enjoy a perfectly comfortable lifestyle. Not everyone can say the same.

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SRS options

"Social Rehabilitation Services" also helps people find jobs, among other things. If you think the private sector is going to devote any money of its own free will to help people "get handouts" (which is generally the description conservatives use to describe social services) you are dreaming.

Here is a list of services SRS provides:

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Please explain

I think it's time the Republicans stop hiding behind their "religious morals" when it comes to things like abortion now. If they withdraw funding from both Planned Parenthood AND SRS, then what they're essentially doing is ensuring an extra generation of Americans now. A generation of mostly impoverished Americans who aren't going to have proper access to SRS. So, a couple decades down the road, what do you get? More taxpayers, on the lower end of the income bracket. The term 'serf' comes to mind.

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