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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

File under: Here we go again! I am from South Bend, IN. I came to KU to go to grad school. I immediately became a Jayhawk fan, but I have always followed ND football... I wanted to believe Weis when he came to ND. It all seemed good... but I grew to hate where the program went during the years that Weis coached there. All I ever heard was "We've turned the corner." Beware of snake oil salesmen. This team hasn't turned any corner. That game did not show any progress in the program whatsoever. True, it's a long way up from the Gil days, but how much longer can Weis play that card? This is the Weis era... if you will.

My question, back in the ND years for Weis continues to be the exact same question now. How can you turn a corner if you're going in circles... or worse... spiraling downwards?

I predicted 2-10. With this one surprisingly in the win column, are they seriously contending for 3 wins this year? It could happen. After all, they've turned the corner... It's more likely that they get hit by the bus next, but hey... If we win 4 games this year, I'll be the first to admit I was too pessimistic.

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Opinion: Charlie Weis too ambitious in trying to balance coaching, coordinating

Why is it that every article about Weis has at least one reference to eating or food? Are these simply unconscious Freudian slips or intentional references so the office staff can yuck it up?

For example: It’s becoming apparent he should have recruited an offensive coordinator to take those duties off of his own plate.

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New TV deal expands KU athletics coverage, access

They are probably counting on the fact that you'll get it. No reason to be cynical at this point. If they actually put together a great package, why wouldn't we buy it?

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Wiggins followed heart in signing with Jayhawks

Now to go get one or two more recruits and make this a really good recruiting year. lol

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

That video of him putting the ball behind his back as he went up to dunk it... it's just eye popping. Was that an 8 foot rim? It was like he didn't even have to gather himself to jump.

Carmelo Anthony... and a UK kid named Davis, I believe it was... those were one and doners too... I'm assuming we're going to have a great shot at the Final Four. Of course, we do need to continue our streak of Big XII championships. I saw the road sign the other day on I-70 for K-State's 2013 Big XII Basketball Championship. That's just embarrassing. We don't need to share that ever again! It's humiliating.

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

Kind of a dumb statement here since that team is no more... especially THIS team. They're all gone. Why watch it? No one spends more time and energy analyzing film than the KU coaches and assistants. No one! Now, true, Self could possibly learn something such as, "There's a time to give up on someone." Thing is, I thought he should have given up on TT and I was flat out totally wrong about that one. I held out hope for EJ until he blew this last game up all on his own. I think his nickname could be IED now. That was the worst tournament performance of any guard in the history of basketball, from the crotch shot in the beginning to the choke pass at the buzzer. When someone is making it his business to blow a game up like that, Coach Self should recognize it and have a plan B.

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Kansas arrives in Dallas, ‘excited’ to meet Michigan

A Jayhawk doesn't usually have to kill a Wolverine. Wolverines are going extinct in the first place... and since the Jayhawk is a mythical bird that flies backwards, it will always survive to fight another day... where as the Wolverine will eventually die out from neglect, abuse, and lack of people who care about it enough to leave its habitat undisturbed.

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Jayhawks flocked to Elijah Johnson in victorious locker room

Awww come on Coach... another 30 or 40 years would be great for all of us. Then, we'll let you retire.

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Weis: Juco Jayhawks have chance to challenge vets, turn around program

At Notre Dame, the dream turned into a nightmare. Granted, this is better than TG. But putting a potted plant out there on the sidelines and dressing it up with a set of headphones and maybe a clipboard would have been better than TG. There are 3 seasons, guys. The season, the recruiting season, AND the season of PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. CW has never succeeded in that third category. I only hope he's figured that part out, but the way he talks, you wouldn't know it.

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Bruins 'embarrassed' by showing against KU

At least one more year, Mc... It isn't as if you're not developing at KU. Going pro sounds great, but you'll probably sit out another year if you go early and that can't be good.

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