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Injury accident reported at Lecompton KTA interchange

My name is Marcus, I was the passenger in the Honda that got hit. Im not 18 i actually turned 26 in the hospital. I dont remember much from the accident. Im suffering from a bad concussion and have memory loss. But Josh and I suffered some severe injuries. Myself had 5 broken ribs, punctured lung with a collapse, and major concussion. We are doing okay now, Just trying to recover. From wat i understand, we pulled onto k-10 and was struck immediately on the drivers side by a car at highways speeds. I was facing south watching that traffic to clear. I never even seen it coming. The important thing is, we all survived something horrific. How? Rescuers werent even sure. But i was able to return to my family, and if thats not a miracle, i dont know what is. The driver was wearing his seatbelt which barely saved my life, always wear your seatbelts, u never know if it can save another life! Godbless

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