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No injuries reported in Indiana Street fire

Are you kidding me? How in the world can you tell that the fire started because of a grill sitting on the deck? If the fire started from the grill then the outside of the house would be more damaged!!!

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Rottweiler attack leaves Lecompton Chihuahua with life-threatening injuries

I guess I'm the only one that noticed that there is not a street in the town of Lecompton called Whitmore! Either it was Whitfield or Elmore! Just thought I would put it out there!

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Helicopter dispatched to injury accident west of Perry

Actually the article is right! I drove by this accident at 4:30 and it was at the intersection of 24 hwy and K237! Which by the way is in the 4 lane part of 24 hwy!

I hope that all individuals involved in this accident recover quickly! There all in my thoughts and prayers!

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Topeka man dies after fall from Jeep

I was listening to the radio at the time of this call and with the Lawrence Life Star not available it was a 40 minute eta for the next available helicopter! With an eta of 40 minutes from Kansas City and then another 40 minute helicopter back to Kansas City, the Paramedics thought it was faster for them to run emergency to the closest available trauma center in Topeka which is only 10-15 minutes away!

Also I am a parent of 2 children and the life flighting of that 4 year old with a possible head injury I would want the paramedics to do what ever they thought was best for my children! Obviously they thought their head injury was a little more serious than it was! Everyone needs to stop bad mouthing LDCFM for there decisions! Lawrence paramedics do an awesome job everyday! Keep up the good work LDCFM!!!!!!

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Firefighters battle grass, barn fire west of Lawrence; no injuries reported

I would like to see more of the photos that were taken at this incident!!!

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Lane man killed in one-vehicle accident southeast of Ottawa

How was this accident at 7pm Wednesday night when it is only 3:40pm Wednesday! Is it supposed to say Tuesday night or 7am Wednesday morning!!!!!

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Fire at Lecompton cabinet-making shop causes $340,000 in damage; official cause still unknown

yes we thought of that....but with ferguson rd closed due to the bridge being rebuilt that would have left them vulnerable if something major happened up that way...jefferson county can help us out we had kentucky township(perry) at the fire and they were a trumendous help...

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Fire at Lecompton cabinet-making shop causes $340,000 in damage; official cause still unknown

Lawrence sent out its medic units and a tanker...they would not send a quint cuz they are not allowed out of city limits...from what i heard...yes that is a long way for Baldwin City to travel but we were very greatful that they could come and help us knock down the fire..we are very greatful that all the responding townships came to help us...

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Accident on U.S. Highway 40 blocks traffic west of Lawrence

It wasnt a was a Pontiac Grand Am!

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Two injured in motorcycle accident on Highway 40 south of Lecompton

Well actually it is SOUTH of Lecompton...yeah 40 hwy runs east and west...but if you drive south of Lecompton you will drive right to 40 hwy!!

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