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Kansas lawmaker says he would rather give money to North Korea than to public radio

Yes, this is the same Rep. J.R. Claeys who still has a problem using twitter. The problem is his childish, boorish behavior. A poor representative for people of the State of Kansas.

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Letter to the editor: ‘Brought to you by’

I am amazed you have never seen advertising before, or sponsors of news. There is nothing hidden, the LJW states up front that the KU Bookstore is paying for the coverage of the oversea trip. Your attempt to compare this with a chicken restaurant promoting another chicken restaurant isn't even similar. If you did not want to see additional coverage by the LJW on the trip, you did not have to go to the KU Bookstores twitter site.

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Bill Snyder commends Scott Frantz's decision to announce he's gay

Better editing needed. He him he? Way gay?

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KU police investigate string of Coke machine crimes

The Kansan reported it as a done deal 24 hours ago.

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KU police investigate string of Coke machine crimes

Surely you have lived in Lawrence long enough to know the players. Start at the Chancellor's office, where they want the scholarship and activity funds and will run the vending program by committee, then to the second power agent on campus KU Athletics, who hires a firm to sell the product for them at events. Lastly, the Union which actually sells the product in their operations.

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Letter to the editor: Dump Pitts

Scott B. - I wish you knew how to write so I could understand your point.

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Attempt to override tax veto falls 3 votes short in Senate; little consensus on what comes next

The Republican leadership of Denning and Wagle just failed Kansas, again. In their newspaper quotes they speak about how bad the Brownback budget is, and how they have to drop the LLC tax exemption to retain K-12 funding. But then they both did NOT vote to overturn the veto. Hypocrites and failed leadership in the Kansas Senate!

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Opinion: Hollywood elitists out of touch with reality

I don't agree at all. Cal Thomas is as out of touch as any hollywood "elite". Much more so if he thinks people don't use swear words. If he can't stand to watch a realistic movie all the way through, he should not be able to vote for the award. He sounds just like the old man that lives next door that hates everything and is stuck in his life 30 years ago. Why does he care so much what Hollywood actors say? Is he jealous that they get to speak publicly and voice their opinion like he does?

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WOW internet experiences service disruption for second straight day; fiber repaired Sunday night don't know what you got until it's gone.

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KU Memorial Union proposes $45 million renovation; students will vote on whether to fund it

The removal of the Jaybowl was not desired, but was required due to the annual expenses to maintain the facility with no increased funding in sight. The "bland" location now would be changed with a renovation to a more usable space. The Jaybowl area cannot be brought up to fire codes without a renovation or creating new exits. Although it seems like there are renovations all the time, it is piecemeal. A major renovation would allow the Union to address that and make much more usable spaces for today's campus needs.

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