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Kansas Gov. Brownback creates Social Services Policy Council

This is still bothering me, I'm trying to study and decide who to vote for tomorrow and I'm still steamed about this farce, this waste of time and effort . He says (out of one side of his face) complete your education while (out of the other) ripping teachers tenure and education funding..... Instead of marriage, why not focus on collecting child support? ... And good luck finding a job that pays well enough to support a family.. Or pay off your student loans. He has no idea how bleak, how grim some young lives are. He is not helping. He makes things worse.

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Kansas Gov. Brownback creates Social Services Policy Council

God help us. Another task force to study the problem poor people.
I bet we make "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" again.

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Penn House to revamp programs to remove barriers to success

I have to remember I'm at the library and they'll cut me off when my time is up. This is my 2nd attempt to comment on this article. Maybe it's best. I was so angry the first time. This time, I've actually had a chance to visit and experience the new and improved Penn House - which I'll try to comment on as well Also, this happened many years ago. Different crew entirely. I have my a few issues with the current Penn House leadership, but the staffers, the workers are very friendly and helpful and that can't be easy, all things considered. Ok. here's my story. Several years ago. ...I took a car load of things over to Penn House that I couldn't fit into anymore. I'd regained about 40 pounds and these nice clothes (still plus sizes, but not plus enough) that weren't fitting and it depressed me having them around, so I donated them to Penn House. About a week later, I was shopping at Lasting Impressions - and there were all my donations! Minus a blouse or a pair of pants that had already sold. I talking complete outfits from shoes to hat; from purse to overcoat. This was not the work of Penn House clients, customers, patrons, participants, or whatever we're calling us now, this was the folks in the back room, the sorters, the volunteer staff, the community service workers. It's a fine distinction, but one that needs making. They still have a sign up in Penn House about not selling anything that you get when it was never the regular consumers "taking advantage" of the program like that. Another true story, this one 2nd hand. A a woman I used to work at SRS with told me she took things to Penn House one lunch hour and then on Saturday, she went garage sale-ing (maybe the North Lawrence neighborhood?) and stumbled across one that was trying to sell her back the stuff she had donated to Penn House a couple days earlier! Her dishes, her husbands shoes, her paperback books... She was livid! She considered it theft. When she called to report it, she got the "we try to keep the volunteer staff happy" speech. Of course, that was years ago; none of the current staff is guilty of these things. Like I said, friendly and helpful. So, I just left the new Penn House and I did not like having to give my name to be entered in their database. I was told I could only come in once a week now. Not that I every made it every single day. I made it in 3 days once and it wore me out because that 'beggar' vibe is exhausting. And who ever heard of a store that monitors what you did with your stuff? Would Kohl's care if you take a t-shirt to KC or Topeka? Would WalMart care if you got something for a friend or nephew? So I'm not as angry as I was when this article first showed up in my paper, but I'll make this one snarky comment and close. The best renovation would be to get rid of Kyle Roddenkamp; he's a teabagger.

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City to deliver recycling carts on Monday

BUT... can I still give my soda cans to Cans for the Community or The Lawrence Humane Society? I'm glad to give up the rest of it. (With all the road work and sewer work and detours and whatnot, recycling has been way more work and hassle than ever. I'm ready to give it up.) But those aluminum cans. They're doing much good. I'd still be willing to separate my Miller lite cans, my Arizona Tea cans,, my V8 cans, ... for the good!

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Fantasy football illegal in Kansas

The people shooting off fireworks last month probably didn't feel like criminals either. What's the 4th of July without fire crackers and sparklers?
A couple weeks ago, I was enjoying my favorite hobby (dumpster diving behind the Social Service League), and this cop rolled up on me and goes, "Don't you know what you're doing is illegal?" and "I won't write you a ticket this time..." and I haven't been able to enjoy my favorite past time. I'm too afraid of getting fined or arrested, or shot.
Not that that has anything to do with fantasy football, or building a new police station, but yeah, they lost my vote on that issue.
(I'm about out of time at the library. Not enough time to figure out how to make the old account sign my actual name. ... Earline James).

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What currently airing TV show are you watching?

Ancient Aliens (History Channel)
Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Perry Mason and The Untouchables (MeTV)
The Rifleman (AMC on Saturday mornings when they do their cowboy thing)
Law and Order

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$3,600 bicycle stolen from west Lawrence home

Was it insured?

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Thieves try to steal copper from Lawrence church's air conditioning unit

Old pennies are copper. I forget the year they realized they were using 1.6 cents worth of copper to make a penny, but is's the new pennies that are made with the cheaper alloy.

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Statehouse Live: KOSE files actions against Brownback's voluntary retirement plan

Let's say I had my 55 birthday in June and that my 30th anniversary (for State employment) was April 1. I'm one of the 4000 thinking about early retirement.
When age + yrs of service = 85, you can retire from State employment (you are not eligible for Medicare until you're 65 and are now responsible for paying your own insurance premium),. I've seen people retire and then return to work (for less money!) because the insurance premiums was so expensive. I'm not going to make that mistake and figured I'd hang on for another decade because I really need medical coverage..
Let's say that I'm working in the Lawrence SRS on July 1 and heard the announcement that they were closing the Lawrence office.
I'm who.

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Kansas Arts Commission asks National Endowment for the Arts for continued funding

There was an article in yesterday's New York Times. If I was more computer savvy, I'd know how to provide the link; but I'm not, so I can't.
I can point you in the right direction, if you're interested:

Arts Outposts Stung by Cuts in State Aid.
August 1, 2011

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