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Kassebaum: Davis will need moderate Republicans in campaign against Brownback

Don't think so. Kansans are the most ignorant voters you can find (save for Texas and North Carolina). Brownback will win in a landslide.

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Kansas Board of Regents indicates it will pursue in-depth study of new concealed carry law

Gotta love this year's batch of Kansas legislators -- the dumbest, most ignorant, bunch of yahoos that a group of people could elect (save for Texas and North Carolina). Yes, Kansas, we deserve who we vote for.

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Yoder under fire for nude dip in holy waters

I wonder whether or not he went number 1 in the water.

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Brownback signs bill blocking use of Islamic law

They are as ignorant as they come.

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

It's a race to the bottom. Sam Brownback idolizes Rick Perry, and wants Kansas to be as in deep doo-doo as Texas is. This tax law may very well get us there. By the time the citizens of Kansas who elected this governor/legislature realize the wreckage produced by these yahoos, it'll be too late. A lot of people are going to get rich and won't care, and a lot of people are going to be, well, screwed. And don't forget that Sam still wants to be President of them United States of 'merica so that he can get Congress to pass a law designating Sundays fro 7 to 8 pm "Family Hour". Henry Louis Mencken once said, "No one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American People."

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

This ended up in the wrong place. PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY!

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

I'm still waiting for my WRITTEN (you know, like WRITTEN on a piece of paper) apology from Virgil Peck for his far more inflammatory comment in a public session of the legislature! He didn't want to apologize either --- had to be cajoled by his colleagues to issue a begrudged "regret".

So lemme see...

1. 18 year old high school student ----- Republican legislator
2. Tweets a white lie to impress her friends AS A JOKE ---- publicly talks about shooting immigrants like feral hogs AND SAID HE WAS JOKING.
3. Gets called out by Brownback ---- DOESN'T get called out by Brownback

What am I missing here?

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback


Children (and adults, by the way) need to appreciate the consequences of their actions. You've laid out a reasonable away for this student to approach this situation. However, I do feel that Mr. Brownback's office crossed the line in calling her out on a harmless, albeit inappropriate, Tweet. Surely more repulsive things have been said about our current Governor (and many of them might even be true!). I feel sorry for Ms. Sontag - it must really suck to be paid with public funds to do a job that provides no value to the taxpayer. I feel sorrier for the principal, who is naive enough to think that a forced apology is just going to make everything just peachy-keen again and we can all go on our merry way and we'll have ice cream and cake after assembly.

It would behoove us all to be more civil in what we say (Tweet) and how we act toward one another. Emma's Tweet and the hulaballoo surrounding it reminds us (once again) of this fact. It would also behoove us to recognize that not every action that we don't like requires that blood be spilled. People make mistakes - no harm, no foul, If Mr. Brownback were the Christian that he purports to be, he would invite Ms. Emma to his office, forgive her (without requiring an apology from her) for her actions, and then apologize to HER for the inappropriate way that this was handled by him and his subordinates. Then, they could have a nice conversation about actions and consequences, how we're all flawed human beings, how politics sometimes brings out the ugly in otherwise nice people (some of who post on this forum). If Emma wants to apologize to Mr. Brownback, she should do so because SHE feels it's the right thing to do, not because some cowardly administrator who's looking after his own behind threatens her if she doesn't --- and doesn't do it with his talking points included.

By the way, I refer to our governor as Mr. Brownback because he hasn't earned my respect to be called Gov. Brownback.

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Teen rethinking apology letter to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback

Well said. Another thing. Forced apologies are never sincere. The principal ought to know that. Brownback knows that --- that's why he's going to refuse to accept the apology that the principal forced her to write. Right, Sam?

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