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City approves agreement for SLT/Bob Billings interchange

They are already camped on BB Pkwy. Permanently. In a police station.

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House rejects Senate-approved tax package; Legislature adjourns; new plan teed up

Koch opposes the sales tax not expiring back to 5.7.

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Candidates duel over tax cuts, school funding, evolution at forum

Strange that Wu's running as a Republican with the Phelps clan being Democrats and all.

But, yes, this is one of those rare instances where I'd vote D if those two were on my ballot.

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Ex-residents say goodbye to Treece

I doubt Commonwealth-Northern Mining Company or Lawyers Mining Company are still around to recoup the money from. 1925 was a long time ago. Folks weren't exactly enlightened on the harmful effects of many toxins back then.

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Manhattan man drops challenge to Obama on state ballot

Why is it that we're only embarrassed when it hits New York media? I'm embarrassed that Missouri gets to watch this nonsense in the Kansas City Star while gaining a sense of superiority over us. It's bad enough that hillbillies are calling us hillbillies.

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GOP nominee for NE Kansas statehouse seat withdraws

My apologies. I was referencing Virginia but should have been more specific that this is true of a municipality in Virginia. They evidently got tired of college kids affecting the outcome of their elections.

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GOP nominee for NE Kansas statehouse seat withdraws

No one ran against him.

Election law has some interesting quirks. Imagine living in Missouri where you must be residing at the location where you register to vote, but then you go to Virginia to attend college, but they have a law that says individuals there on out-of-state tuition cannot vote in Virginia. Where does that person vote? They no longer reside at their Missouri address and Virginia considers them out-of-state. The laws "protecting" voters just disenfranchised a voter. In Todd Akin's case, where he doesn't live at the address he has on his voter registration, no one seems interested in prosecuting the Missouri law.

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GOP nominee for NE Kansas statehouse seat withdraws

He didn't stand a chance anyway. He's up against a 5 term Democrat incumbent.

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Public split on plans for new rec center

Count a yes vote from a small government conservative. Just because I don't like our federal government spending China's money doesn't mean I want to deprive me and my neighbors of useful community resources that we fund locally. I like Lawrence because we have things to do for adults and kids and are in proximity to additional services we might not want directly in our back yard (giant airport comes to mind). I guess if 40% of our pay wasn't sent to a massive federal government we'd be more inclined to spend a little right here at home to make our own lives more enriched with recreation.

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Objection Board rejects challenge by gay rights group that sought to remove legislator from ballot

I don't have the law in front of me but I believe a write-in candidate needs 5 votes to be counted as a candidate.

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