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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

Lecturing you, Scott? If that word is what passes in your world for factual posting, the, yeah, I guess I am. So, why not take up the challenge and cite the factual errors in the press's treatment of Trump. You have the intelligence to find them, so show the courage to cite them.

And, Scott, unlike you, I don't take every "liberal" press release for fact until I actually investigate them. "Alternative facts" are not those upon which I base my opinions, unlike many in this country. And, if Trump ever does something that is good for the nation, I'll be in line to say so. I do want the nation and its leaders to succeed, unlike your guys with Obama. But you'll dispute all of this statement, too, without any proof that I said anything untrue.

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Proposal to repeal tax cuts sent to governor after narrowly passing Senate

The good thing is that Brownkoch has an out now: he can simply ignore the elephant sitting on his desk and allow the bill to become law. A coward's way out, but what else can we expect from this patsy for the 1%?

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Trump airs grievances over 'criminal' leaks, 'dishonest' media, 'bad' judges

"What is particularly interesting is the president predicted how most of the media would report on the press conference and he was exactly right."

Of course he did: he's not stupid. Anybody who knew what he would do in office or listened to him on the campaign trail knew how he'd react to the media. For heaven's sake, he didn't hide his disdain for the media, so his present bashing of them is no surprise.

What he is, rather than stupid, is inept. At picking his henchmen, at econ policy, at human relations, at foreign policy, at hiding his lack of experience and common sense from the country, other than those who are always going to support him despite factual material. That's the problem here, not that Trump proclaims self-sustaining prophecy, but that he had been doing everything that sensible, informed people predicted he'd do even before he was nominated. And why we can hardly believe that you guys were so taken in by his rhetoric that you elected him.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

This will get us nowhere until there is a more even split in Congress, Fred. That it sounds like a good idea is reason enough for the Repressives to rail against it, even though, with the number of Repressive voters recently, it might be a great idea for them.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

Not a comment that deals with the LTE. Yes, he won. OK, good for him. But bad for the country. Really watch various news sources and then tell me what good is going to come from his presidency? That's the measure of his success, and, so far, his success matches his little hands, if you know what I mean. That's what this letter is about, and not the election process or results. So, go back to square one and refute the letter rather than play the "I won so everything is OK" card.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

OK, David, let's play. Would you please cite some of "all the discredited news coming from the liberal media"?

"It was all the 1%'rs". The very ones Trump has picked to help the other 99% do better? Just how is that going to work? And don't play to the "trickle down" card, because even you know that doesn't work. And how about the greatest job creation since Eisenhower under the Democrats? Just not a factor? Of course not, because that is fact and not "alternative fact". Your last paragraph is rife with talking points. But that's all you guys have to use, so I guess that's OK with you.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

Your excessive use of comments that have nothing to do with the subject is alarming.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

And you, Scott and all your brethren, need to take off your blinders and really look at what is going on in the White House. If even some of what is reported is true, Trump and the crew have absolutely no business being at the head of the government. This isn't about who lost the election, other than the nation as a whole, regardless of your political bent. This is about an inept, unschooled man using the country as a sop to his unending ego. We know he has lied, from the first days of his campaign, and continues to do so. We know he has deflected one of his lies by saying he "hadn't been told" what was in the documents she signed. We know that his at least two of his cabinet picks didn't pass muster and that others are uniquely unqualified to serve in their positions.

This man isn't even a great business man, in the long run. He has taken down business partners, investors, employees, all in the name of his ego and inability to admit he was in over his head. He is one step ahead of the law (or may have, by now, lost even that advantage). Scott, the mere appearance of impropriety in the President is reason to investigate, and there is far more than appearance in much of his rein.

It's time to stop. Elect another Repressive, if we must, but get this guy away from the nucleart button, out of foreign policy, and away from the treasury.

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Opinion: Letter to our so-called president

Nick, why was this removed?

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Opinion: Letter to our so-called president

And, before Fred reminds you, there was one party and no opposition in late 30s Germany. Courts were managed, just as you wish.

Funny? You, like Bob, must have a truly pathetic existence if this is funny to you. I'm very sorry for you. And for America.

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