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Letter to the editor: Revenue questions

"Are they that dumb?"

No, Mr. Pritchard, they are simply and wholly, the majority of them, bought and paid for by the money that they seek so strongly to protect. No other reason makes any sense at all. They need, in their minds, to protect their plum positions.

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Editorial: Lagging jobs

OK, we all know that the Brownkoch agenda is a miserable failure. We also know that this paper endorsed the agenda put forth by Brownkoch. Now it's time to pay the piper and this paper comes out with editorials admitting it was wrong in that endorsement.

Many posters here, six years ago, predicted the ultimate failure of the Regressive program pushed by the administration. Few Kansas voters listened. Many Kansas voters didn't even vote to stop the Brownkoch juggernaut, and fewer legislators showed the moral courage to stop the coming train wreck.

We can hurl "I told you so" thousands of times. Won't help, unless the voters of this state participate actively in ridding the state's legislature and administration of those who support this failing program with moderate, educated and loyal Kansans who will have the courage to say this is wrong and do all they can to straighten it out.

In the end, logic will prevail. The question is, will it be soon enough to turn our economy and job situation around? I, personally, think it can be done, but we, the people, have to become strong in our demands that the legislature do an about face and look to the future of the state, its people, and its welfare for all its citizens.

Vote, people. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the reality of our state's situation. Listen for actual facts, and do all you can to be involved. Elections are nearing, and you and I need to know the facts about each candidate, and let them know what we want, and that we don't need the power and money elite to be steering this ship.

Make a difference.

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Columnist Leonard Pitts tells Lawrence crowd it's time for white Americans to 'stop eating Jim Crow'

No, that is an ignorant comment. Not, by the way, confined to any racial group.

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Kansas lawmakers expect to consider transgender restroom use

Mr. Whitmer, just exactly do you anticipate will happen when the Feds get your whiny missive? Do you think they will immediately gasp in fear and throw out the part of the Constitution that guarantees all citizens equal protection under the law? Good luck with that. You may as well hire another outside law firm to spend some more of the money the state doesn't have fighting another unwinnable battle against human rights.

Good grief.

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Brownback signs Kansas budget and orders $97 million in allotment cuts, slashing KU funding

No, Clara, in case you haven't noticed, he relies on people like you to bear the burden. Why do you not see that?

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Saturday Column: New challenges put even more focus on teachers

As Dorothy says above, Dolph, I am confused as to your real ideology here. Cutting state income, as you so adamantly championed, does not lead to more teacher-available dollars, but restricts them. How do you stand for more money for teachers and less for schools?

I laud your thoughts, but am not sure I can believe what you now say. Are you doing this so your favorite Regressive candidates can be seen as school-finance-friendly? Because they are not. Are you saying this because you believe charter schools will spring magically from coming legislation? Even that, historically, does not lead to increased teacher income.

So, Dolph, why don't you come clean and let us know just what you really mean? If you've had a change of heart, or just have come to see reality, let us know. Otherwise your are "as sounding brass", and have little credibility.

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Wichita school board approves $18M in cuts, including jobs

It's amazing that the only ones who actually face reality are the very ones who are being controlled by the legislature, which hasn't a clue as to what reality is. Wichita schools, and school patrons, are up against a wall with no way to get around it because the legislature wanted to follow its marching orders and give Charles and David their tax cut.

Fair does not exist any longer in Kansas government, that's a fact.

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Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

I think you mean, "I know you are but what am I?". That's just as adult.

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Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

And, Dorothy for the knockout!!

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Judge says Kansas can’t require citizenship proof to vote

For the same reason, Scott, that the police can not be "proactive" and issue you a traffic citation before you actually do speed or run a red light or anything else, just for assuming you are going to do so. that's the law, Scott, and has been for over two hundred years. Is that hard to understand?

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