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Kansas teachers to take lessons from Statehouse back to classrooms

So, Sam, theachers should begin molding the capacity to think for themselves...when?

Your attitude is perfect for the bought-and-paid-for legislators who voted for this bill. I hope you reap the benefits of a stupid society as you age.

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Kansas teachers to take lessons from Statehouse back to classrooms

"Jonathan Goering, who teaches in Kansas City, Kan., said regardless of the outcome, his experience will make him a better teacher."

Yeah, Jonathan, it may make you a better teacher without a job when your "superiors" see that they can get rid of you simply for being at the statehouse and speaking/standing for the defeat of this bill.

Best of luck, guy. You, and all teachers with minds of their own, are in troouble.

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House, Senate pass school finance bill; awaiting Brownback's signature

What, exactly, Sam, is nonsense about that statement? Do you believe that education exists without qualified teachers? This is the upshot of the new idiocy passed by the legislature. Tenure, as noted above, is nothing more than due oprocess, which is something not enjoyed by mmost people, who can be terminated for no cause.

If you truly believe that quality education in Kansas can exist without due process for teachers, you are a part of the problem.

You, and everyone who continues to allow these thugs to inhabit the statehouse.

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Letter: State tax surprise

I am guessing, Mr. Reding, that you voted for the current governor, just from your mention of your business interests. If not, I apologize for the following: the people of Kansas had no idea what they were enabling in voting against the Democrat candidate. We were lied to, misled, misdirected. Those who truly believe his administration is good for Kansas are the ones who the tax structure now benefits, unlike those like you who were sold a bill of goods.

My point is that these things can be changed, that equity can be re-established. But those things can not be done without a change in administration and legislative makeup. And only we, the citizen voters of Kansas can do that, and only by being informed.

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Kansas Senate passes bill voiding local gun rules

By that reasoning, it seems simple to me to not allow any municipality or county to make laws and just let the legislature do it all.

How do you answer that, Mr. Crow?

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25 years ago: Northern crawfish frogs transplanted to Baker Wetlands

According to the KDWP they have been "extirpated".

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Kansas Senate advances bill voiding local gun rules

And the beat goes on: smaller government, local control. This is the traditional mantra of the real Republicans. It has been usurped by the ones who now call themselves 'conservatives". What a joke. Except the joke's really on us, the citizenry who have lost the freedom to be in control of our bodies, our economics, and our lives under this cabal financed by the money that's the biggest and getting bigger.

AAI hope you guys and gals in the legislature are enjoying the income you derive, directly and indirectly, from the monied.

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Letter: Tax reform

Ms. Boyer, I agree with you that the US Tax Code needs reforming. There is much that can be easily repaired, leading to simpler tax rules for ALL citizens, including you of the small business bloc.

But, let me ask you a question, if you don't mind. Since you, as an owner of a small business in Kansas, now pay fewer tax dollars under the Brownback "Roadmap", how many new emoployees have you hired with your new-found extra money? After all, isn't that the reason for lowering your tax rate to less than those of the workers you employ? Can you point to any study that indicates that businesses are flocking to Kansas as a result of lower small business taxes? Can you quote any study hat says that business investment in equipment and infrastructure has risen as a result of this lower tax structure? After all, those were cogent points of the argument for the lower tax rates, right?

Do NOT get me wrong: I am pleased that you want to simplify the Code. I only wish that people who want that change seem not to speak in terms of the entire citizenry but in terms of their own businesses. Something rings empty in your plea for change.

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Measure advances that could put Kansas Legislature in charge of federal health care programs

""I think we are headed in a direction here where I think the state of Kansas can do a better job," said state Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer, R-Grinnell, chairman of the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee."

And in other news, recent reports indicate Kansas has lost population, businesses are not flocking to the state (regardless of the lack of taxes levied on the owners), individual incomes are down. Don't believe it? Google is a great tool and usually will tell the truth if you look hard enough. And that's the good news.

The bad news is that, unless the Democrats and everyone else concerned about the direction of our state, vote en masse there will be this kind of future for us, our kids, and our state as a whole. If we want to be like texas, South Carolina, et al, then, by all means support Brownback and his cabal.

Otherwise, vote, talk to everyone about voting, and give the state back to the owners, the people of the state, and take it away from its captors, the neo Republican party and the big (and getting bigger while everyone else is losing) money.

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Kansas school finance bill cuts $15 million in transportation aid

And Sam is the Lord of Not. Just not.

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