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Angry over GOP health overhaul, crowd confronts Rep. Jenkins in Lawrence

What? Death panels? What? Let them die in the streets and become fertilizer? Soylent Green

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Kansas Senate moves closer to current-year budget fix

""There are lots of stripes in the legislative body."

Yeah, like the yellow ones down the backs of those who still can not vote for the good of the entire state rather than the few who donate to their campaigns.

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Opinion: Name your state budget cuts now

"Greg you refer to the real issues and the right thing. Conservatives like me, and liberals like you, disagree on what the real issues and right things are."

Then, Sam, you didn't get the point I was making, did you? Let me re-state: voters of all political parties need to look at what works, what doesn't, what is necessary and what is not, and support the LEGISLATOR who espouses support for those things. It's not a hard concept to swallow, just difficult to leave party politics out of the equation and come together in finding long-term solutions and building a path to making it happen.

And, Sam, you were right to point out my statement. But I stand by what I said and hope that you and I and the Bobs and the LTE writer can come to an understanding of what's best for the state and its citizens. m Otherwise, we are not going to get out of this hole we are in.

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Opinion: Name your state budget cuts now

Sam's comment is indicative of the Regressive bent for standing on labels rather than fact. It doesn't matter to me whether Goosen is Dem or Repub if he addresses, an demands that we address, the real issues. It's time for us as voters to realize that we need to support those of any party who want to do the right thing by the entire state. Relying on an R or A D or an L or an I in describing a person is cowardly and is simply a way to not address one's vote to the real issues.

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Opinion: Name your state budget cuts now

Summers, this letter is aimed directly at you. Read it. Understand it. And be a part of the solution rather than the entire problem. I've asked you to justify your idiotic "across the board" suggestion, and you can't justify it. Now is the time. Which cuts can the state afford in reality? You're so smart, tell us how to fix this, without plunging the state further into debt, losing essential services, and protecting those things that we need and have to have. Go ahead, Summers, do it.

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Opinion: Name your state budget cuts now

Unleashed from the restraints of Brownkoch and Company, Goosed, who quit because of their crap, is the voice of reason in the state's financial crisis. Ignoring his comments is paramount to ignoring the whole thing. There is no one thing that will fix this mess quickly, but ignoring the income and budget constraints that have to be addressed is stupid and shortsighted.

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Despite furious rally, Lions fall short in state title game

Super 10 minutes, guys. Your guts didn't lead you to the final glory, but you're tops in our hearts. Great show, kids, and thank you from your city.

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Opinion: Name your state budget cuts now

I partially agree with you, Brock, that across the board, Bob Summers silliness, is counterproductive. But, and this is what bothers me, the fact that we even have this conversation, cutting management/upper level is not a cure but a stopgap, which will lead to logjams in the structure of planning and logistics. The plain fact is that we have to have income, and now, to repair the shortsighted Laffer mistakes this state has made. It will be relatively painful to those who don't care about others (Summers, et al) but will at least give the state a means by which it can catch up.

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Opinion: Name your state budget cuts now

Or like you, driving on other people's roads, using their police and fire protection, making use of their thhings is OK, but trying to raise a family make a decent wage, have health care that really cares: those things need to be cut another 30%? Your degree in economics, Summers would not make the cut in a Cracker Jack box.

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Revised jobs report shows Kansas lost 2,300 private-sector jobs in 2016

What Forrest Gump said applies here; stupid is as stupid does.

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