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Final Senate debate brings out fresh attacks

What's wrong with that is that the TP is in no way interested in the good of the entire nation, but the good of those who have the most money, the most pinched idea as to what makes this nation better for ALL citizens, and no idea as to the concept of getting along, of compromising to an acceptable position that benefits the nation rather than the few.

Need me to go on? Go ahead and ask for specifics, if you dare. You won't listen anyway, just as your vaunted tea party companions do not. It's been shown time and again in Kansas, in the US congress, and in the debates between Democrats, real Republicans, and your guys and gals. You guys are more apt to eat your own party members than to work out a strategy for bringing back the moderate Republican values of the past.

I guess that's enough answer for now.

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Study: States that spend more on education get better results

Give me some examples, Dave, that I can use to become a believer. So far you've done nothing but push for vouchers, which have nothing to do with quality of education, except dollars, and regurgitate the KPI's (now there's an unbiased group!) charts and tables, charts and tables that have no relationship to the actual point, that being that cutting educational funds makes it more difficult for fewer teachers to teach students effectively, making it difficult to help students achieve higher comprehension and thus higher scores.

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Vote on snake's status could change Kansas policy

Well, let's see, now. Democrats and Republicans are endangered species in Kansas. Why don't we just get rid of them, too?

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Davis says more than 500 Republican dissidents support him; former Hewlett-Packard CEO endorses Brownback

And the lack of depth in your comment is why a minority of voters elected Sam Brownback: they listened to talking points and did no thinking into the meaning, the truth, or the outcome of those talking points.

As has been said before, in business as well as politics, one dissatisfied person talks to 10 others who talk to 10 others... well, you can see where this goes. And it's not just made-up stuff, either because a dissatisfied clientele in business will ruin that business as will dissatisfied voters ruin a political machine once they feel their power.
And Kansas voters, this year, are feeling their power. Just a warning, GOP pretenders.

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Study: States that spend more on education get better results

OR, can you say, "Token educator"?

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Study: States that spend more on education get better results

Holy catfish, Andy, there's the actual Republican "They do better because they're WHITE" line. Dave, why don't you just come out and say that your bosses are racially motivated, that they don't want a better educated Kansas, and that any study that says money helps is wrong since it doesn't agree with your bosses' attempt at taking over an entire state and changing its ideology?

Let's follow your "logic" to where it actually leads, OK? So minorities live in poverty and don't earn as much as whites, so we should not throw more money at education to help them rise above their "station in life"because the minorities aren't as educated, so we should not throw more money at educating them. Have I got that right? Didn't you just say that? Do you truly believe the voters of this state are so stupid they can't see what you are implying?

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Letter: Kansas control

I thought it was funny, but then I'm a leftist liberal from Lawrence. From what do I know?

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Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses after first wedding performed

And, John, which of those words indicates the wife needs to be female? Your pre-conceived notions are not supported by the words. But, nice try in making a quote say something you want it to just because you want it to.

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Letter: End gridlock

Compromise, hell, the Dems even adopted what was essentially a Repub program and passed it as "Obamacare". What compromise is necessary now? Pass all their proposals and have them complain about that, too? And they cried, "Foul!", even when their original plan was adopted. Compromise? Ha.

What compromise means to the Tea Party (and why do we capitalize that term?) is let them have all the ideas, pass anything they are told by their masters to pass, and ignore and fight anything else.

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2nd District race tightens; Roberts threatens shutdown over Gitmo

It will be interesting to see if Roberts' numbers fall or rise in the wake of his showing who and what he is really tied to. Regardless of the issue, and this is a quite minor one, there is no reason to filibuster and tie up the entire government over this "cry-baby, wah-wah, I didn't get my way but really don't know what my way is but will not put forward an alternative that we can all live with" non-issue.

A guy that can not even pick his battles has no business being in the most august body he seeks. Do the voters of Kansas see this for what it is?

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