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Opinion: Say no to Brownback’s disastrous ideas

Where do you get those blinders, Bob? I feel pretty productive, myself, so does that make me not a "liberal"? And, I'm fairly OK with paying taxes that support your lifestyle, so does that make me not a "liberal"? Your twisted, inside out "logic" makes no sense. At all.

Now, why don't you make a comment that addresses reality rather than your misunderstanding of how a republic actually works?

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Opinion: Say no to Brownback’s disastrous ideas

This is getting onerous, Bob. Your exclaiming that Brownkoch is a "liberal" is a lie, is stupid, and is a poor attempt at foisting blame off of the Regressive Party and onto those who have no power to stop the slide.

You have no apparent understanding of economics, Bob, or you'd know that it is not possible to cut enough from the budget to make up for the billions of dollars of debt that this party has created. Even you, Bob, have to drive on publicly supported streets and roads. Even you have to rely on publicly supported fire, medical and police agencies. Even you have to rely on publicly supported education for the training of those who will take over when you can not (assuming you are doing anything productive now).

The facts are that our state is in a quagmire that is sucking us down relentlessly. The way to fix that, short term, is to rely on tax revenue. From everyone. Even you, Bob. If you have a better idea, then put it out there. Be proactive. If not, other than cut, cut, cut, then shut off the rhetoric and relax in your self-supporting, I don't-rely-on-anyone-for-anything pretend world.

This state needs real solutions, Bob. The solutions are going to hurt everyone, especially the "working stiffs" you so blithely reference. But I think that the "working stiffs" will support real solutions because, unlike you, they are thinking of the good of the entire state and their children. It does not need you and your kind blabbering empty-headed nothings that lead only to nothing.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Wow, David, you started so well, and then fell off the cliff.

First, it is not all about results, when Trump has not had a chance to actually do anything, other than make self-serving noises. He has one nothing other than ride the coat tails of Pence, who actually did the Carrier deal (Trump had no power to direct Pence's legislature to create the tax incentives that partially accomplished what Trump took as his own doing). The Ford thing had been decided long ago and had nothing to do with Trump. Trying to improve international relations by, what? Cozying up to the Russian despot? Trying to make enemies of one of our best trading partners? Bringing racial bias to the fore as a foreign policy tool? What? Which of those is good?

You obviously have confused vague talking point promises with particulars and real plans that can be legislated and that have a true upside for all of our trading and political partners. You have forgotten that the nation can not exist alone in a sea of other nations who we have relegated, with no trace of reason, to second class status. We can not go it alone in the world, and bullying and insulting the intelligence of those nations will not accomplish anything positive for us.

Based on the results so far, Trump has done nothing but further polarize the country and the world.

"I am convinced those that are criticising Trump are afraid he will be successful in empowering citizens & reducing the power of government, media & liberal agenda." Baloney. I have voiced my hope that this megalomaniac can be successful. I have also no fear of that success. Based on past and recent events, though, David, I have little hope of that. And, of that, I am afraid.

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Opinion: A call for activists for journalism

OK, let's talk Buzzfeed, Bob. You denigrate its decision to put this stuff out, and, really, so do I. But, it is out now and rather than hide our heads in the sand or simply discredit the document outright, as has Trump, doesn't it make sense to follow up on what is there and find out what the truth behind it really is? I mean, really, we can't just, as you would like, ignore it. It deserves the same vetting as any intelligence document, for better or worse for the object of its innuendo or facts. Many is the time when you have derided a statement as "fake news", and sometimes you've been right. But there have been times when "fake news" wasn't, and yet you continue merrily deriding factual findings as if they didn't exist.

See, Bob, you can't put the genie back in the bottle, but you can determine if he is really there. That's what needs to happen here. Just get it right, regardless of the outcome or effect on whichever "side".

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

Personal angst, yes, but also angst for the nation as a whole. And I am not predisposed against Trump. Unlike others, I actually researched his past and listened to his past and present words. He has indicated nothing to me that shows he can be the leader of the free world. Indeed, his past and present words and deeds lead me, and millions of others, to believe he has not the skill set to be that person. He wasn't even a very good TV personality.

Criticize him for everything he does and says? Probably not. But I will not allow his silliness and ignorance to go unnoticed by anyone I can reach. My fingers type only what my brain perceives, and my arthritis will not overcome my judgement of his fitness to be our president.

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Official: Plan raises Kansas' long-term pension costs $6.5B

"Brownback said if lawmakers don't like the pension measures, they should offer budget-balancing alternatives."

Uh, I thought it was your responsibility to present a balanced budget, there, Gov. But maybe your handlers didn't give you one.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

"Greg you ignore my original point. Trump's behavior does not justify the behavior of the media, Hollywood, or those opposed to Trump. They sound as bad or worse. Both sides should cease."

Our Constitution gives anyone the right to engage in the "behavior" you lament. do you have a problem with that? And why comment if I think Trump's behavior is so "terrible"? Wow, David, you seem to have forgotten that dissent is the only way things get changed. Letting him pay the price for his own behavior? For crying out loud, David, he is going to be the President of the nation, the figurehead by which we are measured by the world. Are you comfortable with his lock and load kind of brashness? Are you comfortable with your being represented by a man who demonstrates that he has no compassion or knowledge of human dignity?

This is the issue, David: Trump has won his office on the backs of those who demonstrate the same lack of humanity that he has shown, both physically and verbally. A man who demonstrates little, if any, diplomatic sense. A man who has challenged foreign nations to undertake activities that are harmful to this nation. I'm not ignoring your point, David, but amplifying why I think YOU are ignoring the basics of this guy.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

As I replied to your comment on that same "Syndicated Column", you're right. I tis time for adult behavior now, David, and your use of the Johnny-hit-me-first analogy is way wide of the mark. It is not the same as our pointing out the facts of Trump's antisocial behavior and ignoring of the humanity of others by any means. And until you and yours recognize that you will continue to advocate for this megalomaniac's ruin of political and human discourse.

Hope you can take that as it's meant.

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Opinion: For GOP, the Year of Living Nervously

"Let's get irrefutable proof of Russias involvement and I will support proper diplomatic repercussions."

OK, let's do this: assume there are weapons and troops massed on the border of our nation, and the leader of the nation controlling those weapons has repeatedly stated he will "take us down". Shall we wait until those weapons and troops are at our doorstep to decide that there is a threat there or should we be proactive and do all in our power to stop the escalation?

That is why those of us who do not trust him, yet, advocate a wait and see attitude rather than simply believing the things that he "means" rather than the things he says. Kellyanne and her nonsensical defense of his nuttiness notwithstanding, he has said more stuff that is alarming than that gives hope. At least to thoughtful people.

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Opinion: Ignore Trump’s words? Seriously?

Your comment: "..but as long as Trump continues to behave like a self centered brat, I will continue to point it out.", is an argument I used to get from my grandchildren."

The difference, David, is that Dorothy is not advocating acting like Trump but against his unfathomable lack of understanding. What she might have said is that, "As long as he is acting as a self-centered brat, I will too." Fortunately, Dorothy has a better developed sense of humanity than Trump.

How about some maturity in this conversation.

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