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Letter: School collapse

Really surprised (NOT) that you reacted as you did to Dorothy's rhetorical question.

If you have a point, make it. If all you want is to stir debate, debate.

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Kansas governor won't be present for budget announcement

"Don", many times, those who defend most vehemently are those with the guiltiest conscience. It's a safe bet that your yearly income is no better today than prior to the tax cuts and subsequent financial meltdown, when gauged against inflation and real dollar income. That you appear so angry at those who see the true picture rather than live the fairy tale is indicative of one who is terribly disappointed in his continuing suppport of failure.

I don't know who you are, but you seriously need to get control of your thought processes.

Oh, and learn some grammar and try not to write as someone you're not.

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Kansas GOP sets caucus date, gears up for 2016

Same old stuff: Repub financial stupidity, leads to higher costs for Kansas to borrow money; same thing leads to cuts to education, social safety net programs, hungry kids, sub-part medical services, and on and on and on.

Yes, Bob, the same old stuff. And I'd bet my worthless hide that you read not one sentence of it. Nor even care, because you've got yours, don't you?

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What's the most frustrating road construction project in Lawrence right now?

OK, thanks to the Lawrence Police Department for sending two patrol cars to the Crestline area yesterday to help with traffic control. AND, this morning there is a flag person directing traffic to a perfectly easy detour. Citizen input really did work in this case.

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Letter: Fraud focus

Coincidence: something that happens that somebody says has no causal relationship to reality.

Coincidence: Wichita is the home of Koch industries.

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What's the most frustrating road construction project in Lawrence right now?

Isn't that the worst example you've ever seen of street crews who don't give a damn about traffic? I suggested to a "supervisor" that maybe it would help them top do their jobs efficiently if they had a flag person, he replied that they already knew that, and told me to get on down the road. Wow.

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Abortion foes see new reason for Kansas-style ban on method

Scott, those videos were not edited, just like the Republican explanations of Davis and the strip club.

Oh, wait.... Never mind.

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Brownback names new administration secretary; expands role of budget director

Totally agree, Richard. We have seen this time and again, from Laffer to the criminal Brownkoch hired and then had to get rid of.

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Court rules for gay couples in Kansas tax case

Another in the long and continuing saga of Kansas government discrimination against people on a purely "religious" basis. Untold thousands of dollars spent by both sides, uselessly, to determine what any reasonable person already knew: people are equal under the law.

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Kansas ban on profiting from fetal tissue sales in spotlight

I think we are all concerned with thee costs associated with medicine, in all respects.

And, yes, there are aspects to medical research that are unpalatable. I agree. The unfortunate thing is that, not to put this in a humorous light, one has to crack eggs to make an omelet. I believe the outcomes of medical research outweigh the downsides, in this particular case. Not all medical research has been justifiable, I think (remember the syphilis research using uninformed human subjects), but, in the long run, amazing and lifesaving things have arisen from some pretty squirmy research.

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