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Jenkins hears about immigration, budget at Lawrence town hall meeting

Mr. Kerr, privatization is another word for class discrimination base upon dollars available to each family to afford a good education. Any of your argument that denies that distinction is lipstick on a pig and stinks of ignorance of the duties, training, and dedication of the people who got you and most everyone you know through school so you could make such shallow comments based solely on right-wing talking points.

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Your Turn: KU lecturer shares academic freedom view

Given that they are "only concerned about influence from the right", so what? Does that make their request any less important? Or, is it that you believe only requests such as this from the "right" are pertinent?

As for thinking like the Kochs, that is exactly what has gotten Kansas into the financial and social mess it's in right now, so, yes, this is the "high ground" you asked about. If you've any questions about "liberal" programs and teachers at KU, or anywhere, you're free to ask the same questions and expect the same answers from any public institution or personnel of that institution, and nobody can say anything negative about it.

So what's your beef?

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State budget plan mostly pushes shortfall forward

Fiscally conservative. Transparent. When, exactly, did these terms become synonymous with LIAR?

Daily, we can read national news reports, not opinion, about the state of our state's economic train wreck. Yet, we motor on, letting the elitists, who we elected, run our state, and, thus, us. don't believe it? Just log on to Yahoo or MSN or any newspaper in the country and read the latest. It's embarrassing, it's tragic, and it's going to continue until the State of Brownkoschistan runs every one of us into the ground except themselves.

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Your Turn: KU lecturer shares academic freedom view

For one thing, a non-Koch funded teacher would probably not teach the things, in the manner that the Koch-funded one does.

And, it is not academic freedom at stake here, but tying academics to a particular brand of ideology paid for by a particular slanted party. Could work from both sides, right? But until the students detect the dreaded "liberal" bias, this works just as well, would you not agree?

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Brownback announces $280 million in allotment cuts to fill budget shortfall

Two and a half days, no defense of this subterfuge. Why? Does nobody in the Brownkoch camp have anything to say, or do they simply think that nothing can be done? Ah, well, Kansas proved a few weeks ago that probably nothing will be done. Ain't ignorance grand?

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Kansas Gov. Brownback working on pension, school plans

25 hours, no defense from the fiscally, socially illiterate. Trouble in Paradise?

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School district fund balances to be targeted, education group says

Anybody wanna bet that Traber won't answer this story, either? Or that those gloating a few weeks ago about the election won't either?

One can only hope that the screaming silence from those guys is a sign of rats deserting the sinking ship that is Kansas.

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Kansas Gov. Brownback working on pension, school plans

All of the above comments are true. All of the lies of which this administration has been accused of telling are lies. A large part of the problem lies with the voters who elected this scumbag again. A large part lies with the voters who didn't even pay attention and try to get rid of this administration. All of this has been said.

Unfortunately, all of it was said prior to the last election. That means one of two things: first, that the majority of Kansans don't give a damn about anything beyond their own little circle of interest; second, that they are as selfish and mean spirited as those they've allowed to remain in power in Kansas. There really are no other explanations, and there are no other excuses.

Which are you, Kansas citizen? Or do you really, down deep, care?

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Your Turn: KU lecturer shares academic freedom view

Hello, John, that's exactly what this group is attempting; to ascertain whether or not improper or slanted information is being offered as factual. As to producing students who feel they're being fed pablum rather than fact, it seems pretty obvious that these guys and gals, and those who donated their own money to pursue this, have concerns that they want answered. Conspiracy theory? MAYBE it will turn out such. I, and the students, have doubts, and academic purity demands the answers to their questions. It's not a matter of academic freedom, but of academic honesty.

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Kansas lawmakers attend ALEC meeting in D.C.

You mean, like, rationally and reasonably asking disclosure from ALL lobbying efforts? Yeah, I'd agree with your take on that.

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