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Controversial Kansas sex-ed poster lives on as lawmakers debate prosecuting teachers

Your post is as relevant to this article as is this bill to repairing the damage done to Kansas by Ms. P-C and her crew.

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Letter: Free speech

"Cower"? No one on this site is "cowering" from the flag, or its being displayed. You might want to read the comments. You'll find that, far from shrinking away from the flag and the action of this kid, it and he are rather being attacked. I haven't read any comment that indicates that anyone is "intimidated" by this. Quite the opposite.

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Letter: Free speech

Justin, fear and indignation are two very different things. I have no fear of that idiot symbol, nor the folks who choose to display it. I am indignant that the racism inherent in flying it is still an issue in this day and age.

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Letter: Free speech

IN other words, "I don't have a rational reason for defending this kid's racial display, so please, just let it go so all closet racists can practice their particular brand of racism without fear of being observed."

Makes a peculiar sort of sense, coming from you. But not from a rational person.

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Letter: Free speech

I did not call you names. I identified your lack of an answer to a simple question for what it is. That you take offense is your problem. That you refuse to justify your defense of what is, at its core, a racist statement, can be seen as condoning that racism. Your attempt at discrediting my motives is a clear sidestep.

What reason can you give for displaying a symbol of racism?

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Letter: Free speech

Maybe, Brock, one might make the reasonable assumption that the lawmakers who were involved in legislation such as this were making a statement that it was time to let go of the hate between soldiers and citizens of each side for the other.

It is not in the better interests of a nation or its people to continue hating after the root issue has been resolved. Nor is it reasonable that people should retain a hatred of those different from them for no justifiable, provable reason.

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Letter: Free speech

That Is NOT WHAT I ASKED! Are you, and your cohort, Justin, able too answer a simple question? Let me try again, assuming you have had a sudden attack of inability to read.

What earthly reason, aside from exhibiting one's racist philosophy, is there for anyone to display that flag?

You either have a justifiable reason or you have none. I, and others, have advanced, in the open, our take on it. You, and others, have derided that opinion but have offered absolutely NO justification. Kind of points to your lack of conviction, you know?

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Holland introduces government reform bills

A brave and bold statement by a strong advocate for all Kansans. Thank you, Tom, for showing us that there is someone really going after the hidden dangers of our present government.

Now, we all must follow up with our legislators and, most importantly, with the circle of people around us. Even the hardened recessives in the state legislature will eventually have to listen.

Get strong, Kansas, and demand to know how many pieces of silver these Judases can be bought for. This ought to be good.

And, legislators, it will be really interesting to watch the mental gymnastics you invent in trying to evade this open government probe. Get the popcorn ready.

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Free State High School student told Confederate flag not allowed at school

Yes, someone was hurt. Anyone who had hoped that racism was not an issue in their surroundings was hurt by seeing one hearin or reading about this punk kid and his mean-spirited display of the leading symbol of human injustice.

That you choose to characterize this issue satirically says volumes about your character and insight into human behavior. Tell me how I'm wrong.

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Your Turn: Medicaid expansion deserves discussion

The fact remains, Marc and Bob, that dozens of other states are using Kansas tax dollars to make health care in their states less expensive to their taxpayers.

Obviously, we don't want to get our own dollars back because the dollar might at some time collapse into dust. Right.........

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