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Letter to the editor: Casting blame

Scott, not being an original thought does not make it an unnecessary repetition. Apparently the majority of Kansans who actually voted didn't listen to any thoughts, and that's how we got where we are now.

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Letter to the editor: Casting blame

The nearly unanimous vote was a result of nearly everyone being fooled by false information. That is not an indictment.

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Letter to the editor: Economic legs

My thoughts, as a non-economist:

It seems as if the state had a fairly significant budget surplus several years ago. Maybe it was time, then, to recognize that money in the bank is worth a lot of wishin' and hopin'. Yes, Dems and Regressives both had a hand in poor money management, but the situation of the early Brownkoch years did not call for cutting income when it was clear that economic indicators were turning south. To have been a good governor for the state, Brownkoch would have had to have taken the reins and created an atmosphere that took into account those downturns, recognized that diminishing income is not the way to deal with diminished income, and begun his "austerity" programs from the very beginning.

Agriculture and oil have always been cyclical businesses, and will continue to be so. Rather than blame everyone from Obama to the Democratic Party, Brownkoch could have, and should have, built a strong coalition of both parties and come to a consensus of what to do about it. Tax cuts for those who will always come out ahead in down times were not the way to address income shortages. Restructuring debt (without stealing from internal sources) could have been done before it became more costly and less socially adept.

I am not saying that all our economic problems could have been solved then, but that the horrid hole we find ourselves in now would have been quite a bit more manageable if we had had a manager in charge rather than a toady. If the state's citizens had not been lied to about the real situation, had not been sold a bill of goods by Art Laffer and his buddies in the legislature, had been told what other options they had, we might have averted this total meltdown of the state's economy.

I don't blame Brownkoch for the initial economic slide. That would be ingenuous. I do blame him for his short-sighted, uneducated reliance on those with an agenda geared wholly to the rich. That's the beginning. Following through as things became even worse is the true issue here. And Brownkoch has no ability to admit defeat. That is what the voters of Kansas have to realize, and follow through in the next election.

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Kansas told to repay $11.9 million to federal government; Brownback administration to appeal

Yeah, kinda like the Energizer bunny: it keeps on going and going and.......

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Traffic stop ends with police finding nearly 20 pounds of marijuana, court documents say

I agree with your thoughts, completely, April, but...19 pounds...recreational? That's quite a bit of recreation, don't you think?

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Appeals court sets September hearing in voting rights case

Right. How can you expect a guy who only makes $88,000 a year to take care of little things like the 50,000 voters he has disenfranchised.

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Kansas lawmaker questions length of interim leader's service

This has everything to do with the arrogance of Kansas's governor and all who have been anointed to carry out the taking of the state.

This isn't about a word but about an action: the total ignoring of that which is lawful and moral. Brownkoch will do as he wants as long as we in this captive state allow it. And, thus far, none have stepped forward to initiate the legal proceedings that could probably cause these thieves to slow, and maybe even stop, their illegal doings.

There are glows of reason in the distance: the former governors united against the thieves; the Kansas Supreme Court putting the legislature in its rightful place; Mainstream Coalition and the many smaller local groups who have begun to talk, recognize, and work for the return of the state to the moderacy that once was the pride of all of us.

But there is little hope for the return of the state to its people at large unless we, each and every one of us, take the reins and ride this stupid Regressive horse into the ground. It takes commitment from every voter that Kansas be, not the greatest state ever, but the best it can be for each and every resident. That no selfish, stingy, amoral cabal ever again be allowed to even come close to being the he agent of the ruin of a state in return for its own financial and political ends.

We are better than this, Kansas. But only by acting better can we show the rest of the world that there is a way to progress without changing our value systems, or knuckling under to the thieves because we didn't want to take the time make the effort to think!

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Appeals court sets September hearing in voting rights case

Who will argue this case? Will it be state attorneys, or hired guns? I'm betting the latter, because the state realizes it has plenty of money to fight unwinnable causes.

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Opinion: Police are not the problem; we are


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