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Kansas House, Senate pass teacher collective bargaining compromise

I do not, but I believe the bill specified that both parties were to agree on any five items they agreed upon. I'll keep researching, though, and post here if I find it.

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Proposal to hike ag land taxes spawns backlash from Kansas farmers

You did, Lawrence, but it's not only rural, farmland taxes they're going to have to go after, but all property taxes, if they're going to make up for this mess they've created.

The real shame of the Lafferian economy Brownkoch has created is that, in the end, it's going to cost the lower income folks more of their income to live, through increased rents, food costs, and all the other things that are going to cost more when someone finally straightens this out.

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Proposal to hike ag land taxes spawns backlash from Kansas farmers

An amazing statistic in this story, 800+ million more in farm property taxes is just about what the state is going to be in the hole in a year or two. Funny juxtaposition of numbers, don't you think?

Maybe it would be in the state's interest to rescind the draconian income tax changes that cause this whole mess in the first place. I hate to advocate for higher taxes, but, in place of economic theory that is not working and has never worked, perhaps it's time to face the music and get back to reality. Nobody wants to pay taxes, but fewer want to live in a constant state of fear of the cuts in education, facilities and infrastructure, to say nothing of pensions and loss of medical care, that this brave new world of trickle-down policy has created.

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Kansas House, Senate pass teacher collective bargaining compromise

Good job, Ms. Boldra. A voice of reason in the face of the KPI bullies.

Now, legislators, you have seen how standing up to the big boys can work for Kansas. Keep it up!

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Lawmaker challenges legality of Brownback's budget proposal for Kansas judiciary

Hurrah for Mr. Hawley. The law has not been a significant consideration to the neo-republican of late, and it's refreshing that a legislator exhibits the courage to question Brownkoch's manipulation of the system.

These guys have had pretty much free rein with the law and with the lives of Kansas citizens, and this may be just another chink in their armor.

It's not done yet, but this is just one more indication that moderation and rule of law and of humanity might be returning to our state.

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Kansas House rejects bill limiting teacher negotiations; passes compromise alternative

Take that, Mr. Trabert! This is great news for people who still believe that moderation can achieve greatness and desired outcomes that are better for the majority rather than a select minority of would be hijackers of a democratic system.

This is not the end, I know, but could be the beginning of a trend that puts the people back in charge. You and your cabal should get rear view glasses, Mr. Trabert, because behind you guys something scary this way comes: Kansans taking back their state.

To the legislators who voted with conscience rather than dollars, believe, always believe, that Kansas believes in moderation in all things. You folks have, perhaps, the power to return that belief into action, and I applaud you.

One more thing, Mr. Trabert: I firmly believe that the stonewalling you exhibited right here on this forum had an impact on the House doing the right thing. Apparently, Mr. Trabert, your incomplete explanations, bandying about of inane non-explanations, and outright misdirection in answers to specific questions gave pause to those who have the power to stop you. And that, Mr. Trabert, is how a democracy works. Get used to it.

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Kansas bill limiting sex education material advances with no debate

Lane, any law concerning education in Kansas threatens every district's options for teaching anything.

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Kansas bill limiting sex education material advances with no debate

What, Leslie, do you find positive in this bill. Unless you are simply playing devil's advocate, you must have some positive feedback from this. I, for one, can not find it, but I'd be happy to listen to something from you defending this. Please let us know.

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Kansas lawmakers resume battle over immigrant tuition

Well, my point is that these kids did not move to Kansas on their own, so it seems needlessly cruel that any governing body would punish them by making it more difficult for them to get a higher education by making it more expensive for them.

I'm ambiguous about the whole ADULT immigration thing, still, but I can not believe that even Kansas, strange as this state has become, can think it right to punish the children of illegals simply for being their children.

At some point, even the neo- Republicans have to abandon rhetoric and hatred in favor of compassion for children. Besides, these kids are attending college, for heaven's sake. That means, to me, that they arearticating wholly and fully in the American Dream of making their lives meaningful and contributing to this society. And, after all, isn't that pretty much what the tea parties are after, that each person be an integral, productive member of society? The more education one gains, the less probability that one will become a member of the dreaded welfare state, right?

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Kansas bill limiting sex education material advances with no debate

Ms. Francisco, I have great admiration for your service to your constituents, but you, and your colleagues screwed the pooch on this one.

If you truly believe this bill is as onerous as many Kansans do, you and your party would have made yourselves available to decry this bill. I know you are all busy, but ignoring this issue smacks of defeatism, and points out why the Democratic Party in Kansas has fared so badly in recent elections.

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