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White House bars major news outlets from press briefing; 'Nothing like this has ever happened'

Again withe the nonsense. You are a dufus, Bob, a real, died in the wool dufus. And that is a complement to one such as you.

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Rollback of federal protection for transgender students won't affect Lawrence schools, superintendent says

You give kids absolutely no credit for having thoughts of their own. The transgender kid is not searching for an identity, they are aware that they were born wrongly equipped for the identification the feel inside. This is not going to add any confusion, only help the kids in their quest to be who they are. The bottom line is, you are afraid of these things, for whatever reason, and will probably never be able to understand. In your case, unless you are able to prove from your firm belief in biology that transgenderism does not or can not happen, it's time to tone down the rhetoric. Your words are those that hurt the kids.

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Rollback of federal protection for transgender students won't affect Lawrence schools, superintendent says

That constitutes another end to another kind of segregation.

There. Fixed that for you.

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Rollback of federal protection for transgender students won't affect Lawrence schools, superintendent says

Josh: then this would not have made any difference, would it?

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Letter to the editor: Important voice

Well, with a bit of background, not from Breitbart, et. al., one can see that Pitts said the president is a business man, but that business and government don't run alike. That he has surrounded himself with unqualified people whose sole job is to advance the uber-right issues of trickle-down economics, waning government participation in education, destruction of the EPA, and more.

It doesn't take many people much research or factual reading to know what Pitts was talking about, David. It does take being open to factual material that is available nearly everywhere, including this newspaper, to extrapolate thew kind of faux leader this man is. If your don't understand now, you probably never will, not until they come to quiet you down.

And they will, David, and your right to speak for are against anything will disappear, David, and you will not understand how this could ever happen in this nation. And your option to publicly deny that this has happened will have gone away.

That's what Trump is, David, and you ignore it at the peril of the country.

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Attempt to override tax veto falls 3 votes short in Senate; little consensus on what comes next

The way to do this is to enact a tax bill that will get us back on the road to stability. There will be time to address budgetary cuts, if necessary, but that time will not appear if the income situation is not addressed, and immediately. A large sticking point in this failed override was the retroactive issue, but that was only to January of this year. As I've said on another string, that amounts to only about $18 million, which, when compared to the billion we're behind, seems to be not a large problem. Lots of money, yes, but peanuts compared to the deepening hole we are in without tax reform.

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Trump administration ends Obama-era transgender student bathroom guidance

If you actually read Title IX, you will find that sex is a prime initiative. No, it says nothing about restrooms, but it says volumes about discrimination. That's the point.

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Trump targets many more immigrants for possible deportation

Wow, Scott, that's exactly what I've said over and over. Make the reason for illegals to, yes, criminally enter the country and the illegal problem would become something manageable, leaving only political and war-ravaged immigrants to deal with. I blame the businesses who hire them, the INS for not watching them, and anyone who knows the problem and ignores it in favor of financial gain.

The downside? Most of what every solution is: it will cost us more to buy the goods that traditionally are produced by low-paid illegals. We can't have it both ways.

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Kansas House votes to restore guaranteed teacher tenure

Oh, drat!! A pithy, fact-filled refutation from Pete. I must need to go hide under the rock from which I came. Thanks for pointing out the truth of my thoughts. I'm feeling much better, now.


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Brownback vetoes bill that would reverse tax cuts he championed

Or how about the few Dems that voted against the override? This is not a complete Dem issue, Jim. It's a state issue, and we now know who is anti-Kansas in the legislature.

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