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Opinion: Justice shows poor judgment in comments

Armen, I disagree. That she is a Supreme Court justice, or a clerk, or a ditch digger does not obviate her right to speak on any subject she likes. Do you believe that no judge should be allowed to speak to any issue at all? Do you believe that creating a class of people who can not speak to any issue is a good idea? At what point do we decide who and who not to silence? Just on this site alone are many who I wish could not spread their particular brands of "anti", but disallowing them their Constitutional right to comment is, well, unconstitutional.

I have no qualm against deriding her statement, but the First Amendment is pretty damned powerful, and to modify it to address one small segment of society seems to be throwing out the baby with the bathwater, if you will.

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Mental health cuts lead to 200 layoffs in Kansas, raise treatment concerns

And you added... what... to this thread?

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GOP conservatives take losses in Kansas Legislature

OK, then, oracle, what is not true? I am sick to death of your stupid, pedantic raving against anything and everything not Tea Party and your refusal, read, inability ,in backing up anything--let me repeat, ANYTHING--you say. You may get your jollies, such as they are, from stirring the pot, but you haven't a single, not one, intelligent thing to say, and have not since you joined this forum. Your kind of trash talk is what makes politics seem so low to some folks.

You want to thank God for something, little man? Thank Him that you live in a nation which actually tolerates your lies, innuendos, hatred and downright ignorance. Otherwise, you'd be in a world of hurt. I pity you, Justin. I hope that you will, at some time in the future, take to the Bible you hide behind and actually read the parts that describe the ultimate end of those like you. Good luck.

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Opinion: Open letter to the Republican Party

Deluding myself? Perhaps delusion is what comes from actually looking at factual material rather than listening to unsupported, slanted talking points. Tell me what leads you to believe I'm deluding myself, using facts. I'll listen.

And what solid points doe he make about Clinton? She'll trade prisoners for prisoners? We've done that for centuries, Armen. Are you afraid of saving American lives? She'll make SCOTUS follow nothing. She will likely appoint a justice who will be vetted by the congress and likely will follow the law of the land, as do all Supreme Court justices, within their understanding of that law. That's not on Hillary, but on the system. You guys want to do away with that, too? Single payer insurance? Maybe, but you have advanced no evidence that that would be a bad thing. Maybe it would behoove you to find out what it's all about before you shoot from the hip. Confiscate all firearms? BS, and you know it. The part about saving innocent children, and adults, for that matter, sounds enticing. Again, maybe some sort of gun policy not written by a lobbying group could make some needed changes, ever consider that? Taxes? I have no idea what will transpire, but I do know that the party she represents will think long and hard about total tax policy, as the Democrats always do, before falling to its knees in homage to those who could buy the entire national debt.

Do I think Hillary is the best choice for president? Not really, as there are another 350,000,000 folks from whom to choose. I do, though, firmly believe that, given the choices, she is the obvious choice this election cycle. Trump is so unbalanced, so apt to knee-jerk, that he is dangerous to the nation, and to the world. Even you can not approve of this narcissistic loser as presidential material. Do you really want him representing you to the world? I can't believe even you, or Scott, could answer that in the affirmative.

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Opinion: Open letter to the Republican Party

Scott, please go to any factual site and search the "ransom" lie. As you have probably not learned, the "ransom" you and yours so blithely run up the flagpole was money that belonged to Iran and was returned to that state legally. That return happened to occur at the time of the release of the Americans. Big deal. Many things happen that are completely unrelated to the events to which some would attach them.

As to the rest of your diatribe, the President is still beholden to the Congress. What it deems proper will be her legacy, for good or ill. Why you are determined to blame her, should she become president, is rooted only in your deep-seated hatred of equal opportunity for all and superiority of those of your choosing. If you'd put as much effort in understanding and fact-finding as you do in outing those who are against bigotry, hatred, anti-everything-not-of-the-anointed-few, you might be surprised at the direction this nation can take.

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GOP conservatives take losses in Kansas Legislature

A message to "Sam Crow" and all like him:

The Democratic Party in Kansas has traditionally been the moderating influence in this state. In campaigning for the defeat of the regressive elements of the Republican party, they have sent a message that has been received by the voters who, to this point, have allowed the thugs to remain in office. In pointing out facts concerning the economic, social and educational downturns in the state, the Democrats have neither been radical nor "left wing socialists". They have pointed out certain facts that have gone ignored by too many voters who, after all, really have been pretty much one-issue voters.

I don't think blaming the past chairman of the D Party for his words actually addresses the thrust of the Democratic message. By standing on that message alone, Sam, you ignore the real message of the party, to your detriment as an informed voter. A coalition of moderate Democrat and Republican legislators who really do have the better interests of the entire state in mind is the goal of the Democrats, and, now, quite a few newly-enlightened Republicans. The Regressives still exist, but their numbers appear to be dwindling as their popular support, as evidenced by these primary results, dwindles.

I believe the political climate of the state is changing, and you who continue your attempts at justifying the damage done to this state need to take a clear look at reality.

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Judge: Kansas must count disputed votes; 'There is no right more precious to a free country'

Fortunately, Ms. Smith, the current trend in the federal appeals courts is that voter ID laws, such as that here, are unconstitutional. Texas, South Carolina, and the states represented by the appeals courts representing them, have been told, in no uncertain terms, that they can not suppress voting using the ID excuse. Guilty before being proven innocent just doesn't fly with the courts.

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Kansas judge to consider blocking state’s two-tiered voting

The reason anyone of legal age is allowed to register--and vote--is that the United States government has taken to heart the United States Constitution's stricture against assuming the guilt of anyone unless proven innocent. It works exactly backwards, Taylor, in case you've not learned the Constitution: all are presumed innocent of a crime or civil tort unless and until proven otherwise. That's why this whole voter ID thing is wrong.

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Kansas judge to consider blocking state’s two-tiered voting

For God's sake, Jo-Ann, cite some evidence of voter fraud anywhere, any time in the modern era that made any difference to any candidate. It's easy to spout emotional talking points, but pretty damned hard to find evidence to back up your hatred.

And, by the way, Trump does lie and pander to everybody, including you, I might add. Until you investigate politispeak, you will continue to be the uninformed voter that you appear to be.

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Brownback can't be ordered to appoint judge, Kansas Supreme Court says

Shall. Amazing how that word means different things to different judges in different cases. This ruling sounds like a bunch of Supreme Court justices afraid of the upcoming political challenges and it stinks of dishonor to the law.

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