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Opinion: Brownback dealing in dreams, not reality

Kevin, where in the world did you get your statistics? I've looked at a lot of stuff and none of your bs shows up.

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Editorial: Restore cuts

Good thoughts, LJW. But who championed the regime that brought these cuts to us? Remember?

Now is the time for you to do your utmost to let the people know just what has happened, and why. And it ain't agriculture and aircraft.

Be honest for a change.

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Teachers union asks Kansas Supreme Court to restore tenure

Sam, you are an insufferablely boring guy who hides behind his wealthy privilege and seems to be disconnected from a reality that he could easily see if not for his fear of offending his wealthy friends.

Tenure is not an issue. Due process is. All systems of evaluation have flaws, but having NO system is unacceptable. Why you uphold the teachers' loss of minimal job protection is a mystery to me, but the "generic" Kansan teacher deserves better than what this governor and legislature allow. The only issue in this story is fear by your party of intelligent people being allowed to fight off attacks by people like you who apparently have all the knowledge necessary to see the value of due process yet feel the need to deny that to a specific group of folks who probably disagree with your politics.

That you are surrounded by educators makes your stand even more nonsensical that you argue against fairness. My only conclusions are that you have no such surroundings or that you aren't as smart as you want us to believe.

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Teachers union asks Kansas Supreme Court to restore tenure

You, too, Mr. Crow, need to do some research. Tenure is a whole 'nother issue than due process, which is what we do not have any longer in our state. Get acquainted with fact, sir, and then argue from a position of knowledge.

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Kansas Supreme Court to review teacher rights

The big difference, Pete, is the "marketplace" in which teachers compete. You provide defined, finite products to your customers. Teachers provide more ch that is not "testable" in the traditional sense. A student may be taught, say, multiplication tables, by anyone, but a teacher is able to provide the the student with context within which that rote learning will be useful.

My point is that the teacher has a job to do that may create situations that some parents might find objectionable but are within guidelines of the school curricula. Now, though, there is no recourse for the teacher who is dismissed because some influential parent dislikes little Jane's being "indoctrinated" or that the teacher may be suspected of voting for the "wrong" candidate, or the coach who loses a key game who suddenly becomes a horrible history teacher.

It's all about retribution under this law, Pete, and not about quality of education at all. That's why we need to be concerned. As for protecting bad teachers, those who think this is what unions do should take an interest in school non-renewal hearings. I'd be willing to wager that very, very few teacher non-renewal issues are overturned at hearings. Truth and reality are simply too much in evidence at such hearings to be overcome.

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At Dole Institute forum, Kobach, attorney disagree on motivation, effects of voting laws

No doubt some of what Kobach says in defense of his trademark voter suppression antics is true. Just enough that the core of his, and the Regressive Party's, adherents will smile with pride that they support this kind of bigotry.

The facts of the situation, though, don't add up to the need for any more legislation than already existed before the reality purges of two election cycles ago. All that has happened since then is that fairness and equality have taken a vacation from Kansas.

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Letter to the editor: Bad choices

Nick, I'm no theologian, but I fail to find any statement in the Bible that indicates that the "human condition is hopeless". Many times it is indicated that humans act in mindless ways, but being human in and of itself is not hopeless, and Christianity is all about removing that hopelessness from humanity and replacing it with hope, a hope that is achievable and real.

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Kansas Supreme Court to review teacher rights

Really, Ron? You really believe that? How many teachers do you know, or have you talked to about this? I find it hard to believe that there are more than a handful of teachers who believe it's a good idea to have guns in schools or readily available to their students. And you one prior comment to today's is an indictment of the Regressive policies ruining this state. So how do you square that with this?

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Koch donates $1M for KU business, engineering scholarships

Creepy, Justin? How about, maybe, I'm trying to check out the credentials of a new poster? Like, sometimes I need to know the background of a person to discern his/her reasoning for her/his post. Kind of like you, Justin. At least I have a good idea as to whom to disdain and whom listen to, agree or not.

Most times, I'd rather debate with the dog than you, if the truth be known.

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Koch donates $1M for KU business, engineering scholarships

And then Google "Art Hall, KU Business School"

I'm not saying this same situation will occur this time, but care needs to be taken, from whatever donor supplies the funds.

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