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Judge to monitor Kansas’ actions on gay marriage for 3 years

Chris, reading your, uh, explanation, I'm reminded of the admonition that one should keep one's mouth shut so as to be thought an idiot rather than open one's mouth and prove it.

I'm certain that you are educated. I'm certain, too, that you have an axe to grind with the Constitution oh the United States, as well as that of Kansas. I don't know why, but it would serve you well to take a look at how successfully Sam Brownkoch and his legislative and administrative cabal have gone up against either Kansas or US law.

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Judge to monitor Kansas’ actions on gay marriage for 3 years

Fred, rights of any kind are in serious peril in Kansas. The rights of the people not to be afraid of walking down the street, of speaking out in the legislature, of nearly anything. This "administration" has taken it upon itself to make us afraid.

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Letter to the editor: Hypocrisy showing?

"Are they “oblivious” to the consequences of their political rhetoric? Are they “disingenuous” in their principles? Or is it just their hypocrisy showing again?"

Yes. Yes. Yes.

A more important question, Steve, is: "Are their constituents so disconnected from reality that they continue to support these people and their ideology?"

Can we hear from some of those, please?

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Judge to hear challenge to Kansas’ two-tiered voting system

Maybe, just maybe, the state will discontinue beating this particular dead horse. A Texas appeals court, yesterday, struck down the same illegal, unconstitutional law there. Now the state can count on several tens of thousands of dollars not spent on this to add to the unfunded budget.

Oh, yeah: and Kansas can join the twenty first century, in which all are equal in the eyes of the law, and all are innocent unless PROVEN guilty.

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ACLU sues to block new Kansas voting regulation championed by Kobach

Great news!! Today the 5th US Federal Court of Appeals destroyed the Texas voter identification law. No doddering argument by the state convinced the Court that the Texas voter ID law was necessary. The court simply said it's illegal and to stop it by the November elections.

Kobach, pay attention, bubba. Your, and our , turn is next. You can't lie your way through this.

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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

That's OK, Fred. Amen simply means "so be it". We can all get behind that, I think.

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Kansas Republicans don't see convention's tone as too harsh

Of course they don't think voters will be turned off by their idiocy. They don't know that voters think. Not always, but sometimes.

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Kobach defends role in drafting 'most conservative platform' in GOP history

Fred, it's pandering to the lowest common denominator. Just think: the Regressives are all about the right to life, until the kid is born; they're opposed to living wages, but refuse to help create strong safety nets for those who need them; they're all for economic austerity, except for those who have enough money to buy their votes; they're all for religious freedom while totally against any religion that doesn't fit their idea of Christianity; they're all for freedom, as long as it doesn't conflict with their own freedom to restrict the freedom of others to disagree with them.

Oh, hell, I could go on and on, but the answer to your question is the last word in your post. Conservative? Hardly. They're not trying to conserve anything. In fact, they are fighting tooth and nail to completely change this nation from one that is strong in protection of all of its citizens to elevating the dollar and intruding into the most private of human life. They are not conserving a way of life but are regressing way past the thinking represented by the dark ages. Religion under a them is relegated to a definition of Christianity that would again make Christ weep. Poor, helpless, aged, mentally and physically infirm are of no importance to them, and racial equality is given lip service but not accorded the lawful protections that the angry white men and women of the "party" are afraid would cause the downfall of the American nation. All the while, they do all they can to restrict the rights of many otherwise qualified to vote.

Conservative? Not in any way that upholds the basic tenets of the Constitution but in all ways which restrict the many and reward the very, very few. They feel no shame, and don't recognize that they are, in very real terms, working for the destruction of the very nation which has given them the freedom to work at reducing freedom.

I do not believe the country will long survive this long, slippery slide into and past mediocrity. The fortunate thing is that, in my mind, I believe they will be judged and found dearly wanting. I only wish that the rest of us didn't have to suffer their selfishness right now.

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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

Have you had a checkup recently? Strange odors that nobody else smells? Voices in your head?

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Federal 'religious freedom' bill likely to become a campaign issue in Kansas

Christian in name only, Dorothy. My Christianity welcomes anyone who believes. I will say, though, that my denomination has not gotten past the issue of homosexuality. I am deeply distressed about that, but I don't throw away my belief in Christianity just because some professed Christians don't apply Christ's teachings to themselves.

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