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Methodists to sponsor Syrian families in Kansas, Nebraska

Christian people as opposed to faux-Christian governors. Who's going to see the gates of heaven?

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Letter: Don’t be silent

I'll put Dick up against you anytime in the Jeopardy category, "Stupidity and Immorality in Government".

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Sexting not uncommon among teens in Douglas County, DA says, but consequences differ on case-by-case basis

Right, but does that mean that 16 and unders are immune to law?

Paul, I'm not trying to be difficult, really. But there is, I'll bet, statutory restrictions against what people can pass around on the internet. Big deal, I suppose, but there it is.

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Sexting not uncommon among teens in Douglas County, DA says, but consequences differ on case-by-case basis

Not an attorney, but it seems to me that having porn on the internet is illegal. At least that's what they told the Subway guy.

OK, now argue the idea of "porn", I guess.

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Letter: Cruel move

Really? What were they? The fled a nation to go to another.

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Editorial: Naive thinking

Bart, if you think that America stood and fought the revolution all by itself, you have a more tenuous grip on reality than I thought. Without France, for instance, we probably would have lost the war. Without our help, Syria, Iraq, and others probably will live out their history as despotic, dictatorial, fear and death-ridden nations.

That their young men should stand and fight for their countries is laudable. It's also shortsighted in that the means for them to fight are not available except from outside nations who help. We can help. We need to help. And no amount of Libertarian ideology is going to refute that.

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Letter: Cruel move

Exactly! We should have allowed the rest of the Jews to be gassed, as well as all of the Kurds. Good thinking.

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Letter: Cruel move

Well, Einstein worked on German military armament, nuclear armament, you know, that kind of stuff. Sergei Brin, an electronic genius, worked on Soviet electronics, you know, stuff that eventually made America a world leader in communications.

I guess you're right: bringing refugees here is useless and counterproductive. Better to let them work as slaves for their own nations and invent the means to destroy freedom as we know it.

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Lawmakers review whether same-sex couples should be foster parents

Now that's out of the way, Justin, show us a study showing how safe children are with "traditional" foster families. Any studies been done that foster kids are not abused, used, have outstandingly better educational outcomes? Any evidence that kids are better off with two-sex couples? How about with families that already have kids as opposed to childless one So? Or couples older than 35 as opposed to younger?

See how stupid arguments can be? People are people, Justin, and the job of the placement people should be limited to ability and character of applicant families and stay out of the sexual, political and ideological arenas.

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Brownback issues executive order opposing Syrian refugees relocating to Kansas

Christians like you and Brownkoch most definitely did not settle this country, but. The Christians that originally came here came to get away from a government that has become remarkably like the one we have in Kansas: intolerant of the weak, the religious not of its faith, and strongly, strongly pro big business, and not very inclined to create social programs to help the very people who had fallen into poverty because of government-sponsored corporate welfare.

And don't pretend to be a Native American supporter and hide behind that flag in your avatar.

And you still haven't told us what that flag means to you.

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