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Motorcycle chase ends in arrest, multiple felony charges

No, its not the same guy. That guy's last name was Kunkle and he was only 20.

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Family members looking for 13-year-old boy

I posted it on my facebook. I hope they find him soon!

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Lawrence husband and wife arrested in connection with rape of two girls

If you want to know who it is, just go the Douglas County Sheriff's office website and read the Booking Recap report. It is public record and it lists their names right there.


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Harrison Barnes chooses North Carolina

Thats ok, he can go there. He was too dramatic about the whole thing anyway.

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Police identify driver of car involved in fatal hit-and-run

Artichokeheart - you saying it (over and over and over) isnt going to make it happen any sooner!

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Police identify driver of car involved in fatal hit-and-run

Artichoke Heart - we all know how you feel so quit saying "Charles Branson charge these people!" - we get it!

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Brady Morningstar gets diversion in driving under the influence case

People are going to complain that he got off easy but that is the standard sentence for a first time offender. Not that it makes it right but that is the way it works. And I also hope he thinks twice about drinking and driving. As we all know too well, it is extremely dangerous and lives can be lost.

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Police arrest man after a brief car chase in southeast Lawrence

I usually dont post on here but I do have to say this is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. The story itself is not funny - running from the cops never is. But all of the comments have made me laugh so hard. Thanks to all of you for the entertainment.

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Sunday parade set for champs

The feedback link listed above is not working as of now. Try this link instead.http://kuathletics.cstv.com/feedback/kan-feedback.html

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Downtown parade for National Champion Jayhawks set for Sunday afternoon

This is great! I guess all of the emails and phone calls worked!

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