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East 23rd Street detours to go into effect on Thursday

So if we'd built the South Lawrence Trafficway, the massive traffic jams and accidents on that part of 23rd Street would never happen.


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Turner Gill left recruiting abyss

I'd hire him for pastor.

But making him a football coach for being a nice guy is like making someone President because they're a good community organizer.

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Kansas Senate approves $14.4 billion budget plan

Would be nice if our US Senate would now pass a budget for our country.

It has been since Apr 29, 2009 since they have done so.

Can't blame the Republicans for that. It is Harry Reid.

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Kansas hit by more than month’s worth of tornadoes


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38-year-old Lawrence man pleads guilty to solicitation of 15-year-old girl

I'd bet he was a previous client of our D.A., or someone in that office. In those situations, they'll bring in someone from a different office to prosecute.

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Burning of the Baker Wetlands

That's actually very informative. For the 1st time in 10 years, I learned something by reading this forum.

Here's to 2022 - should be good year to read the forums.

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Burning of the Baker Wetlands

So we can burn it to the ground, but we can't take a less-than-one-percent swath for a much-needed road?

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Kansas Court of Appeals rules Martin Miller should get new murder trial

No. Miller's wife got no due process. Victims never do.

I think it is arrogant of the Appeals Court to assume the jury really didn't understand Miller was innocent until proven guilty - and they needed to believe he was guilty of all the charges to find him so.

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Sound Off: Why are all of your political cartoons anti-Republican?

The Correct Answer:

The LJWorld staff (like most news agencies) leans left.

Witness the weekly anti-Brownback stories. Did they *ever* give Sebelius's administration this much scrutiny?

In fairness, there is no "unbiased media" anywhere. They all have leanings. In a left-leaning town, it makes sense that the paper leans left.

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