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In depth for May 2008

Saving on summer travel
Lawrence and national experts offer money-saving advice
May 21, 2008
With gas prices at a record high, many Americans are thinking twice about taking summer vacations. But don't cancel your plans just yet. Whether you're planning a dream vacation or just a weekend getaway, we've got plenty of tips.
Losing sight, not spirit
KU administrator deals with recent vision loss
May 20, 2008
Mary Chappell has been at KU for more than 25 years, but recently, she had to learn her job all over again. After a medical accident took the sight from her one good eye, she's adapted to doing her job and living without sight.
Flight of Honor
World War II veterans go to Washington, D.C., to see their memorial
May 12, 2008
Thousands of World War II veterans die each week without seeing the national memorial for their war. But folks in the small Kansas town of Lyndon are rallying to send as many Kansas veterans as possible to the memorial - before it's too late. Two Lawrence residents recently got that chance.
Living by the book
May 6, 2008
For over 100 years, the Old German Baptists have taken a stand against religious innovation.
Greensburg: The F5 Frontier
Greensburg residents adopt pioneer spirit while trying to rebuild one year after tornado
May 4, 2008
When an EF5 tornado struck Greensburg on May 4, 2007, many thought the town of about 1,400 was destined to disappear. They were half right. About half the town's population has left. But for those who remain, the challenge of rebuilding a town from scratch is powerful and the lure of a new frontier is strong.
Earthquakes in Kansas
While rare, these natural disasters have the potential to rock the state
May 2, 2008
The Illinois earthquake that shook Lawrence a few weeks ago wasn't the first time the earth moved our state. Since Kansas was settled, about 30 earthquakes have been reported. And, the threat of a big one has the federal government spending millions to protect the downstream town of Manhattan from the catastrophe of a failure at Tuttle Creek.