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Unearthing Kansas History
June 19, 2008
More than four decades ago, the burnt remains of Pawnee Indian earth lodges were uncovered. In June archaeologists - both amateur and professional - returned to north central Kansas and the site of a historic Pawnee Indian village.
Growing business
Farmers finding bigger profits by selling locally
June 18, 2008
Kevin Irick is all local. He lives local, grows local and sells local. And he's not alone. His approach to farming is part of a national movement that is hitting home for many Americans, including folks in the Lawrence area.
Peak tick season
Conditions are perfect for more of these critters to be bugging you this year
June 13, 2008
It's prime season for ticks, tiny insects that feed on blood. But with a bit of knowledge about the pests - where they live, what they look like and what to do if you encounter one - you, your family and your pets can remain tick-free.
Hidden Heat: Concealed carry in Kansas
June 8, 2008
In summer 2007, reporter Chad Lawhorn embarked on a project to document the process of receiving a concealed carry permit in Kansas. Follow Lawhorn as he goes through the steps - from buying a gun to carrying it on the streets - and learn more about some of the people and places he encountered along the way
Readying for war
Fort Riley-based infantry division goes through desert training in California before possibly leaving for Iraq
June 5, 2008
The 1st Infantry Division has been around for nearly 100 years. Fort Irwin, Calif., has been training troops to fight America's wars for decades. In preparation for possible deployment to Iraq, the Big Red One is spending three weeks at Fort Irwin.