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Clothing details: Minnetonka moccasins, gift; Levi's jeans, JCPenney, $50; belt, free, from dad; shirt, Goodwill, $3.99.

Clothing details: hat, Hatman Jack's (in Wichita), $30; shirt, Macy's, $15; pants, Macy's, $15; shoes, $40; sunglasses, JCPenney, $15.

Clothing details: shirt, Goodwill, $2; skirt, American Apparel, $50; socks, $5, on Amazon; shoes, $15, Wild Man Vintage; purse, $15, Wild Man Vintage; glasses, $10,

Clothing details: Cap, thrift store in Oklahoma, $2; shirt, gift from wife; pants, Gap, $9; Birkenstock sandals, Footprints, $80.

Clothing details: Shoes, children's section at Target, $12; Skirt, from a local artist at the Salina Smoky Hill River Festival; tank top, thrift store, $5; cardigan, thrift store, $10; bracelets, artists in New Orleans and on Etsy, $1-$20; prescription sunglasses, online.

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