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Do you have a favorite restaurant in Lawrence?

Response Percent Votes
81% 438
18% 100
Total 538


loosecaboose 4 years ago

I did until Runza dropped polish sausage!

Topple 4 years ago

Surely you're joking. I've eaten there twice, and it was lousy both times.

gbulldog 4 years ago

Unique food that they say is very healthy for you.

Mary Alexander 4 years ago

I Love Set'em Up Jacks. But I would be happy to go to Mad Greek anytime.

Topple 4 years ago

Mad Greek is up there. I'm a fan of Johnny's across the bridge.

Silas and Madys for ice cream.

I actually used to be a fan of El Mezcal on 23rd until the health department report saying the top two worst health code offenders in Lawrence were both El Mezcal. Haven't eaten there since, and never will again.

Cant_have_it_both_ways 4 years ago

Alladan has a better gyro sandwich than the Mad Greek. It is larger and costs less. But nothing at all wrong with the Mad Greek.

Chipolte on 6th has to in the running for at least fast food.

Rudys also has to be mentioned.


Tortilias Jaliscos hands down. (Takes a bunch to beat out Burrito King for this honor.)

Topple 4 years ago

I dunno. Pita Pit is quite bad, and La Parilla was probably the worst restaurant experience of my life...tasted like dog food rolled in kitty litter.

classclown 4 years ago

None of my favorites are in Lawrence. Restaurants in Lawrence are rather dull.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

Grandaddy's BBQ makes me feel high

Terry Sexton 4 years ago

Amble on north across the bridge & mosey over to El Matador. Take your time, do it slow & proper & savor every bite.

ScottyMac 4 years ago

My favorite restaurant is the oldest place in town, and also the cleanest: El Matador. No place else quite like it.

JackMcKee 4 years ago

El Potro. If you haven't tried it, you're missing out.

kernal 4 years ago

They all closed down due to owner burnout.

Can't believe so many like Mad Greek; that place is so mediocre.

Bob Forer 4 years ago

Agreed. I ate there around six years ago and I will never go back.

gphawk89 4 years ago

Don's Steak House. Oops, that's closed. Paradise Cafe. Oh yeah, that's gone, too. Harry's Bear? Long gone. Joe's? Gone. Sigh...

tomatogrower 4 years ago

I think you are starting to sound like a jinks.

MarcoPogo 4 years ago

Didn't he go panning for gold after he closed up shop?

dogsandcats 4 years ago

My favorite restaurants are not in Lawrence; however, my favorite Lawrence restaurants are 715 and Free State.

Jd Finch 4 years ago

  1. Free State: best beer, avocado chimichurri is delightful
  2. Saigon Cafe: best pho
  3. Wheatfields: best sandwiches
  4. Thai Siam: best pad thai
  5. Mirth: best pancakes

So many to choose from (715, Mad Greek, Miltons, Ingredient, Papa Kenos all rate), but these are my top 5.

Paul R Getto 4 years ago

The dumpster behind any Arch Club.

MarcoPogo 4 years ago

When it comes to dumpsters, nothing tops the Refuse Corral behind Bucky's!

labmonkey 4 years ago

MOJO's when I lived there. Too bad it is closed. Johnny's is awesome and so is Pyamid Pizza.

BinxBolloxed 4 years ago

Agreed. They would have had the same effect by asking "Do you have a preference about stuff in general?"

Daniel Speicher 4 years ago

Mark and the crew there are amazing! Incredibly good food, large portions and a low price. What more can you ask for?

gbulldog 4 years ago

The best food comes from my own kitchen because I know what is in it. If I want a piece of cake and make from scratch, I know what is in it. I also know it was cooked. Better than going to eat and then finding out they hung the meat outside to thaw. Also I know that I am not eating cat or dog. I grew up on a farm, and no food has ever matched the quality of food my grandmother cooked (may she rest in piece) even my mother who is a trained dietian.

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