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How far back do you know your family’s history?

Response Percent Votes
More than five generations
33% 168
Three generations
19% 96
Two generations
16% 83
Four generations
15% 76
Five generations
7% 40
I don’t know my family’s history
4% 25
One generation
2% 15
Total 503


RoeDapple 3 years ago

Great Grandad Earl-Bob Gots dropped off the prison ship near Gainsville 'bout 1847 or thereabouts.

pagan_idolator 3 years ago

Got lucky that my mom's side was into genealogy way, way back. I know her side for more than 5 generations - my dad's side only back about 2 or 3.

verity 3 years ago

How many of you found out interesting secrets when studying your family history? Like Mary really was Jane's daughter, not her sister, or John was born 14 months after his father went off to war, or Frank didn't actually die, he went out for a loaf of bread and never came back.

LadyJ 3 years ago

"Like Mary really was Jane's daughter, not her sister" LOL, that actually happened in my husband's family. I found an old letter among some old things he had inherited from a relative. Came as a total surprise to the rest of his family, including his parents. Aunt Mary was really cousin Mary.

verity 3 years ago

I have a friend who still doesn't know that I know that Mary is Jane's daughter and not her sister. The really sad thing is that Mary, now in her thirties, still doesn't know that her "father" has no biological relationship to her at all---or maybe she does and she's not saying anything either. And there was a deathbed confession about who Jane's father was. Never did get the whole skivvy on that. (Names changed to protect the guilty.)

The whole family is one mixed-up mess of secrets.

Then there's the grandmother being protected from knowing that one of her grandchildren is gay and finally she blurts out that she's known it all along. I think that happens a lot. Granny ain't so naive---or bigoted for that matter.

rockchalker52 3 years ago

I always wondered what happened to Frank. He said to sit tight, he was gonna make me a sammich... It doesn't surprise me about Jane & Mary.

Kat Christian 3 years ago

On my father's side my 18th great grandfather, My mother's my 10th great grandfather - still searching - been a difficult journey. Started 25 years ago - initially doing my research at the National Archives every Saturday. Thank God for computers and, Mormon Latter Day Saints to name a few search sites. I suggust if you wish to begin start with the oldest member of your family and have them tell you the stories, memories, whatever pertains to their past relatives to the smallest detail, even sayings - record them or write it down for your future generation. Get dates (important) and places. Then start your search. You'd be surprised what you find out. They have also started taking DNA and matching it to groups and if you are an Ancestry,com member you get first priority. Good Luck

mom_of_three 3 years ago

I can go back on my grandfather's side for a while and can trace some of my dad's family for a while. My grandmother's family is a little harder, but I am working on it. Yes, ancestry is great, but beware of name misspellings as they interpret the census data and of people changing dates to hide from others. That is very interesting.

Bob Forer 3 years ago

I have been able to trace my family history to around 4,000 years ago. Some dude named Adam and his squeeze was Eve. But before that, i ran into a brick wall. Something about coming from dirt.

Bob Forer 3 years ago

I have been able to trace my family history to around 4,000 years ago. Some dude named Adam and his squeeze was Eve. But before that, i ran into a brick wall. Something about coming from dirt.

Silly_me 3 years ago

Recently found out that one of my great, great, great....great grandfather's served with Wellington at Waterloo..thought that was pretty cool.

blindrabbit 3 years ago

After consulting with The Creation Museum in Olde Kentuky, I traced back to about 4,000 years ago when grandpappy walked with the dinosaurs. Who ever mentioned evolution is bat guano crazy! Another good source is Phill Klein at Liberty U. in Virginny, and even the C-Street crowd in D.C. with Smilin Sam as the Kansas representative.

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