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When was the last time you used a printed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica?

Response Percent Votes
In high school
37% 184
In junior high school
15% 78
From time-to-time since I left school
11% 58
In college
10% 52
In elementary school
10% 52
I’ve never used the Encyclopedia Britannica
8% 40
I still use the Encyclopedia Britannica
6% 30
Total 494


Abdu Omar 6 years ago

It was polinted out to me very early by my teachers that you don't use an encyclopedia for research. So I never did, I used other books and articles.

sourpuss 6 years ago

Ah yes, I received that line myself. However, encyclopedias are used to acquaint yourself with an unfamiliar topic. They are a place to BEGIN research. They aren't to be cited, but they are written by experts and provide a purchase into the basic facts and problems of the entry. All research begins with a first step and an authoritative encyclopedia is a fine first step. I tell my students to begin with an encyclopedia, but I tell them it is an unacceptable citation.

50YearResident 6 years ago

I bet anyone under the age of 30 doesn't know what a Encyclopedia Britannica book is.........They never ever saw a dial telephone either. If I had time I could list 50 other things they never saw either. Times are changing! I even thought they quit printing encyclopedias myself when the salesmen quit comming to my door to sell them.

50YearResident 6 years ago

P.S. I don't even use the digital one installed on my computer. Google is my friend.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

The parents bought a set in '57. They had this idea we should read them cover to cover . . . . . . never happened.

camper 6 years ago

I always liked looking through the encyclopedia's. I think my father bought them from a salesman in 1975. In a way it is neat to open them up today. The good ole' days.

verity 6 years ago

Used to copy from them in grade school---change a few words here and there and it was good for an A.

The thing about the printed encyclopedias and dictionaries is that I get interested in other things I see and hours later I haven't gotten to my intended destination. Google keeps you on track, but I still can't always find answers.

My father also knew the answer to everything. I finally figured out that if he didn't know, he just made something up.

Reuben Turner 6 years ago

well i be.... I've always used webster or whatever they had at the school house!!!

Reuben Turner 6 years ago

well i be.... I've always used webster or whatever they had at the school house!!!

Bill Lee 6 years ago

I never used it for research, but it made good casual reading. I still prefer reading non-fiction.

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