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Do you think a youth fieldhouse/sports tournament center in northwest Lawrence would be successful?

Response Percent Votes
66% 354
25% 138
Not sure
7% 39
Total 531


Richard Heckler 6 years ago

How much is private?

How much are taxpayers being forced to pay?

Face it folks this is about selling real estate.

And this is part of PLAY which is all about profiteering so how much in profits will taxpayers get in return? How much will the "manager" take away? This will takes years to make a successful for profit venture if ever.

USD 497 has dumped more than $20 million into this PLAY project. Taxpayers deserve a very candid discussion on this matter aka transparency.

This project is based on a similar set up in a suburb of Dallas,Texas. Dallas,Texas is at least 2-3 times larger than KCMO and Lawrence is a suburb to no large city.

The people pushing this project are generally the same group who brought taxpayers Riverfront Plaza,Tanger Mall and New Urbanism/Baur Fram all of which are mammoth failures which are costing taxpayers money as we speak.

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

I'd swear that I saw this exact same post on another thread of this award-winning website today.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

"The people pushing this project are generally the same group who brought taxpayers Riverfront Plaza,Tanger Mall and New Urbanism/Baur Fram all of which are mammoth failures which are costing taxpayers money as we speak."

Kinda like the library?

tomatogrower 6 years ago

Yet, the library is still open and used by all the community.

RoeDapple 6 years ago

I would bet the fieldhouse/sports center will have ten times or greater community usage than the library and still only a small portion of the community will take advantage of it.

jumpin_catfish 6 years ago

I doubt that half the community uses it let alone all.

billbodiggens 6 years ago

Was your post ment to be "less bullied?" It seems there are bullies on both sides of this issue, judging from the comments. Bunched in the face? You losers?

Jonathan Fox 6 years ago

Since when does the city have to provide sport activities? Isn't one of the biggest expenses the school district has the massive amount of sports and clubs at the schools? I don't see the kids who choose not to get involved in sports and other outdoor, healthy activities suddenly deciding that a rec facility (especially clear past the bypass) is the motivation they needed.

Terry Sexton 6 years ago

Babboy, practicing the art of subtle persuasion since the 12th of never.

Richard Heckler 6 years ago

Let the taxpayers vote on this project!!!

If this is such as hot money maker why is it that private interests keep coming back to taxpayers as if they are doing us a favor?

Most all kids will be too far away to take advantage of this $40 -$50 million dollar project. Considering that USD 497 has spent $20 million or more on the PLAY project we taxpayers may well see $70 million tax dollars on PLAY.

Should the city spend $20 million or more on the PLAY project?

Placing it in the north forty does not make it all that accessible to Lawrence in general. Lots and lots of driving = lots and lots an lots of cars. To park where?

I contend this is another bright idea from the local real estate/development industry to move houses that are still sitting empty. This is not about the kids. This is about stealing tournaments from the KCMO/JOCO metro and Topeka. Just like the Chamber had plans to steal shoppers from those two markets.

This project will take years and years if ever for taxpayers to realize a payback.

I say build it on the Farmland site which is on a four lane highway with frontage roads. Why bail out the Schwada brothers? for making a reckless purchase of property?

Let the taxpayers vote on this project!!!

Flap Doodle 6 years ago

How many times have you cited that poll from 2007? Do you think things might have changed since then?

Loretta James 6 years ago

how bout the north side they never do anything there until they cant put it off any longer

GardenMomma 6 years ago

There is a wonderful sports facility on the southwest side of town. It has eight youth-sized baseball fields, five football fields, and 15 soccer fields of varying sizes for ages four through high school.

WHY do we need another sports facility on the west side of town?

GardenMomma 6 years ago

I guess there isn't anything for indoor sports on the west side. Basketball, volleyball and the like. That might be useful.

deec 6 years ago

"This is not a money maker for them." Exactly. That's why they want the taxpayer to foot the bill. And it will stimulate growth in the immediate area, which is a moneymaker for the developers and realty moguls pushing it. A community that cannot afford to maintain basic infrastructure has no business wasting money on a frill like this. A facility is not needed in order to exercise. And neither is the parking library project.

bendover61 6 years ago

It is my understanding that the city needs to build a sewage treatment plant in the east part of town, I also seem to remember that funding will be difficult to come by. I hope the new library, and sports facility won't have flush toilets.

scaramouchepart2 6 years ago

I can support if all Lawrence kids have access to the programs. Not just the rich kids. Otherwise it is not for Lawrence, but Bill's buds and basically a private enterprise.

jumpin_catfish 6 years ago

Yes, those darn rich kids. They're a plight on the Lawrence landscape. Let's make a law against them or better yet let's tattoo "Darn Rich Kid" on their collective fore heads. That'll teach 'em.

pace 6 years ago

I think our country is drowning in sports mania. While I appreciate the athleticism and the game, the culture has been corrupted. Money and mania.

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