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Do you think following the Final Four is good or bad for your health?

Response Percent Votes
59% 620
29% 311
Not sure
11% 118
Total 1049


r_san 2 years ago

Bad for my health...I've nearly had a heart attack during the last few games.


whats_going_on 2 years ago

I think if you celebrate safely it's great for your health. Provides an escape from all the drab, unhappy news of daily life in 'merica.


JackMcKee 2 years ago

I'll need a new liver. Other than that. Fantastic. Thanks for asking.


BABBOY 2 years ago

Charlie makes a good point.

But, to me, this is like golf, it is a great stress relief over something that does not matter. When I do bad at golf, I break a couple clubs -- briefly feel stupid and then realize that it is just golf and I get over it.... Obviously, when I play good, it is just fun and that relieves stress. I keep golf in perspective -- these days anyway -- so mostly it is just fun.

I like -- many people on here -- have a high stress job. And following this stuff -- when kept in perspective -- is a good distraction....


Mary Darst 2 years ago

Its only bad for my health cause we eat too much junk during the game. The food is just part of the party....and a few cocktails too. That's OK tho, we dont get to do this every year..GoHawks!!!Let's show Kentucky and ESPN that we are champions.


FlintlockRifle 2 years ago

R/Drifter, I also went skydiving, great rush, first time I was 57 years old, ( 18 years ago) that was tandom , went back a did solo several times,fun but kinda $$$$$, do you happen to know where the guys down in Garnet moved to??


ShePrecedes 2 years ago

If it looks like we might lose by a lot, I merely withdraw from the game and stop caring until the run-up to the next game.

I am one of these people who never loses hope. I just keep holding on to it thru thick and thin.

Here is the deal, folks. An emotion is only 90 seconds long as it moves thru the brain process. Once that emotion plays thru, it is ended unless one re-initiates it to play over again, ... and over again, ... and over... So really, taking a 2 minute break to just think about one's breathing should eliminate any emotion that is found to be unhealthful. Try it sometime. Just take time to regroup. Reset.


riverdrifter 2 years ago

I watch every game. Watching KU in the big dance reminds me of my skydiving days when the dinosaurs roamed 35 years ago. Step off the strut and enjoy and hope. Turn on the TV and enjoy and hope. Both have their stress factor.


RoeDapple 2 years ago

The Mrs sure do scream at the TV a bunch. Don't think they hears her though. The Hawks could be ahead 30 points with 3 minutes to play and she'd still boo if the opposing team scored. The onliest hoodie I gots left is in Woodland Camo.


thebcman 2 years ago

It depends if they're wearing a hoodie or not.


autie 2 years ago

Believe! Get in the game. Yell, scream....get down baby!! It is part of our genetic imperative...I mean beyond the is tribal. My group will kick your group's ass anytime....Like,,...we're not gonna go nuts bananas in our homes yelling for our guys...who did this question? No_Live or what.????


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