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Do you agree with Gov. Sam Brownback that the criticism of the so-called “pink slime” meat product is misinformed?

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71% 607
23% 199
Not sure
5% 47
Total 853


Kirk Larson 2 years ago

Brownbackside says "pink slime" has been around for decades. What he doesn't say is that before 2001 its only approved use was in pet food.


camper 2 years ago

Organic whenever possible for vegetables, fruit, milk, eggs, and meat. And stay away from ground beef. It is much safer to go with a steak. Too much exposure and increased contanimation possible with ground beef. Eat a steak instead.


Paul R Getto 2 years ago

Nonissue. Americans don't care much what they eat. Look at the fast food statistics for an example. This is just another form of beef. Get over it or grind your own burger.


Kookamooka 2 years ago

Brownie is LIBERAL. He let's big business get away with whatever they want with no "conservative" control. Wasn't he elected to protect the people? He doesn't do a very good job of it. Oh Well, God will sort him out and set him straight. I have faith in that, at least.


Scott Morgan 2 years ago

Rules of life, do not worry about your hotel/motel room or visit a food processing plant.
Made the mistake of watching pickle relish being made.


LJ Whirled 2 years ago

Misinformed? Nah. Overstated? Sensationalized? Irrational? Yeah.


Richard Heckler 2 years ago

The question is:

How does anyone know to what extent "Pink Slime" was tested?

Where did Gov Sam Brownback get his information?

From the meat producers perhaps? Does that necessarily make Gov Sam Brownback an informed politician?

Or does that indicate another source of campaign money?

Just keep consumers informed and products labeled accordingly. On the other hand food producers want reduced labeling regulations.


mutualrespect37 2 years ago

Brownback like always is a fount of wisdom, though the "pink slime" warriors obviously intend to use semantics to their benefit. It's a persuasive soundbite.


Gandalf 2 years ago


It's personal choice, just let the intended person know what they are getting. I remember the same type of uproar back in the 50"s over bologna being served in schools. As far as I know the schools do not serve it.


Liberty275 2 years ago

It seems to me no worse than sausage or brats. Mankind has forever used every bit of an animal. Should we turn wasteful because we can afford pure ground beef and have a reliable means of killing the bacteria in the remaining meat parts that have been ground into a meat product?

If the FDA believes the meat is safe and nutritious, we'd be foolish to not use it. As for students eating at schools, if the product is served, the parents should be allowed to opt out their children and have them served a different diet.


Fred Whitehead Jr. 2 years ago

The very name, "pink slime" is a real negative. I am assuming this is some sort of "inside joke or company slang that some of the vultures at ABC heard and piled on, It is a meat product from comjpletely safe leftovers from the mechanical machine processing and is no hazard whatsoever. But the gullible great unwashed hears the word "slime" and envisions some horrible, offensive material that the government dictators have been pawning off on the simple-minded rubes in Pomona. This unfortuante type of gross misinformation makes good fodder for the news mongers to continue to find sensationalistic drivel to keep their jobs wooing the unsuspecting public.


Randall Uhrich 2 years ago

If Brownback says something is good, it's got to be bad. Check his record.


tomatogrower 2 years ago

Have you ever noticed that many times when they add stuff to food it makes it cheaper, but if they take it away, it's more expensive? Pink slime added - cheaper Calories and fat subtracted - more expensive. Just seems ironic to me.

PS I don't want to buy pick slime. If it's labeled that way, I won't buy it, but I also have enough money to buy good meat. I guess if I were poor, I would want a choice, but I think I'd rather eat beans.


Melinda Black 2 years ago

I don't think I'll take advice about my food from a politician beholden to the industrial food system any time soon.

Here's an interesting article about the industrialization of beef written by an independent cattle producer:


Jayhawk1958 2 years ago

I'm at high risk for colon cancer anyway, so now don't eat red meat.


acg 2 years ago

asixbury(anonymous) says…

If people are concerned about the "pink slime" because of the ammonia gas they spray on it, know this: that the ammonia gas they use is not harmful at all, in the way they use it, to consumers. My husband is an organic chemist; he said this "pink slime" is less harmful to you then the meat it is injected in.

Yeah, I can think of a whole list of crap "they" said was safe and then, wait, oh, that's right, turned out it wasn't. No, ya'll can keep your pink slimey carcinogenic meat scraps and I'll head to my neighborhood butcher. ICK!!


RoeDapple 2 years ago

Any idea what is allowed in your canned goods? Your bottled drinks? Fresh produce? Get over it. Unless you are growing/raising/harvesting it yourself there will be "foreign" material in your diet. Probably more if you grow your own.


Paul R Getto 2 years ago

Meat is meat. Eaten a hotdog or baloney lately? Sheesh. The Arch Club will kill you if you eat there every day and people worry about ground meat scraps.


asixbury 2 years ago

If people are concerned about the "pink slime" because of the ammonia gas they spray on it, know this: that the ammonia gas they use is not harmful at all, in the way they use it, to consumers. My husband is an organic chemist; he said this "pink slime" is less harmful to you then the meat it is injected in. The meat it is in has not been treated as much as the "slime" to kill the bacteria. The "slime" has no bacteria after it is processed in this way.

If you are for conservation, then you should also be for the "slime." It is a way for beef manufacturers to use every last bit of the livestock. Would you rather they waste this perfectly good meat? Just throw it away? I thought to go green, you should use every last bit you can and not let anything go to waste unnecessarily. Hypocrites and ignorance is abundant in this media hey-day.


BABBOY 2 years ago

I think Brownie is taking his usual closed minded support of big business. He is making his usual crazy liberal statements.

Right or wrong has nothing to do with it......


Windemere 2 years ago

The beef in question is beef, 100% beef. Govt. regulatory agencies have deemed it safe. But this outcry has really hurt suppliers. Some people have a very hard time affording "higher quality" protein. This hysteria has hurt those people because many very large grocery chains have said they'll no longer buy this beef. As for school districts, they act as agents for people, and vast majority of them are VERY sensitive to parent concerns about food safety/nutrition. So it's not as though they have no incentive to buy products in a way that's acceptable to most people. They are not going to risk a big backlash.


2 years ago

@Gandalf I agree with some of what you said. "Clearly label the product and let the buyers decide." Caveat emptor, if I recall.

However, that works only if someone reads the labels of foodstuffs purchased in the grocery. What about the food schools feed children? Shouldn't we be able to control that, or is that an expense you're willing to absorb in the name of free enterprise? Additionally, how can you be sure the burger you're buying at (name your place) doesn't have pink slime in it? If that a chance you're willing to take?

Keep in mind that certain dyes and flavorings have adverse affects on behavior and growth, especially in children; hyperactivity and behavior disorders are just two examples. Children have enough problems without subjecting them to those additional difficulties.

I grant you the ultimate control is in what we cook at home. However, we need to extend that control and question what we eat outside the home.

My question for The Guv is which direction would he blow if the correct kind of conservative had raised the issue.


canusayduh 2 years ago

I don't like to see an ingredients list on the beef I purchase. If it's not 100% pure beef, I don't buy it. This is why I purchase half a cow at a time from a farmer I know and trust.


miker 2 years ago

Selective "sound science"...when it suits the message.


geoismeo 2 years ago

I don't agree with anything Brownback says.


Gandalf 2 years ago

What's the problem? Clearly label the product and let the buyers decide. Oh, that would be free enterprise. My bad!


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