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Are you planning to go to New Orleans to see the Kansas University Jayhawks play in the NCAA Final Four?

Response Percent Votes
91% 861
8% 80
Total 941


autie 2 years ago

I'd go. I'd go if Rara bought all the tickets and paid for the hotel. And Babboy drives. I cain't go but I cain't taukaoboutit.l


mom_of_three 2 years ago

If I could afford to go and had the time, I probably would. It is a great experience to watch the game in person at a great venue.
And I love New Orleans.

but I hope to be at the watch party in Allen fieldhouse... hint..hint... people


catfishturkeyhunter 2 years ago

I don't even plan on watching it on TV.


RoeDapple 2 years ago

RoeDy's House of Pain and Prepper Supply is having a run on tinfoil hats, so I will be too busy to go. Besides, it's my weekend to wash the cat.


Curtis Lange 2 years ago

If I could find a legit link for the $25 student/recent grad tickets, I would in a heartbeat.


classclown 2 years ago

I'm not a cop so I couldn't get tickets.


Jonathan Fox 2 years ago

I prefer watching the game with friends and a good Free State Beer in hand followed by joining the thousands that descend on Downtown. Rock Chalk!


pace 2 years ago

Plan to go to New Orleans, love that area. Wouldn't go to a basketball game if someone paid me.


oldvet 2 years ago

In '08 five of us piled in and drove to San Antonio the Sunday after we beat UNC. The most expensive thing was the tickets. Four of us have agreed to leave early Sunday after we beat OSU. Being there is just too much fun!


KSChick1 2 years ago

I bought airfare to New Orleans recently and it was a little over $250 round trip for one person...Not That Expensive!


tomatogrower 2 years ago

If I had the time. I probably have the money, but time is in short supply. Love New Orleans.


Clara Westphal 2 years ago

Only if Bill Self would give me some of his bonus money.

It is too expensive to even contemplate such a trip.


CWGOKU 2 years ago

You got that right Babboy, or mention Brownback. I have been to New Orleans, what a dump, I won't go back there. I will watch and cheer from home and greet the team upon their return


BABBOY 2 years ago

Not a lot of sports fan it would appear play in this poll.

Ahhh, but if it had been Obama rally both sides would be foaming at the mouth.



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