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Do you know someone who works for Boeing?

Response Percent Votes
55% 205
44% 162
Total 367


5 years ago

That is sad that they are closing because we can't keep jobs here in Kansas to keep people of the unemployment line. we are losing businesses like crazy.

riverdrifter 5 years ago

Yes. Mike Carriker, Chief Test Pilot, Seattle Washington. He attended Wichita State and will be disappointed at this news.

Bailey Perkins 5 years ago

A friend of the family worked for Boeing for nearly 30 years (either taxing or accounting work) and got laid off last year. The family was from the UK and had no choice but to leave KS/ the US.

CreatureComforts 5 years ago

Me too! I ordered my Airbus Corporate Jet as soon as I heard the news!

jonas_opines 5 years ago

Hey, this poll is incomplete.

Where's the option that says "not anymore"?

CreatureComforts 5 years ago

Nobody has been laid off it's not a real option

David Albertson 5 years ago

Brownback is a failure. Plain and simple.

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