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Have you visited historic sites around Douglas County?

Response Percent Votes
64% 153
31% 74
Not yet
3% 9
Total 236


blindrabbit 5 years, 10 months ago

Would like to visit another if it became available! With the proposed new Rec. Center being built of property traversed by the Oregon Trail, I would like to see some recognition of that. There is not any Oregon Trail public places around, the Santa Fe Trail (and wangon ruts) are recognized adjacent to the Black Jack site near Baldwin City. Douglas is only 1 of 3 counties in the U.S. that was traversed by both trails (Jackson, Missouri and Johnson and Douglas in Kansas)

riverdrifter 5 years, 10 months ago

I ratttled over a rut carrying two big round bales out of a native prairie patch on a tractor this evening. The landowner cackled when I complained and said it it was the old Fort Scott/Leavenworth military trail or some such a thing. It just goes on. Come fall, I'll take my metal detector out there and and sweep and descriminate out nothing. We'll see what comes out. Probably just bits of iron. But, I'll dig eveything I find. You never know...

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