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Will you attend the Lawrence Farmers’ Market this year?

Response Percent Votes
62% 288
23% 111
I don’t know
14% 65
Total 464


irvan moore 6 years, 1 month ago

we were there last week, got dog treats

Jon Jambor 6 years, 1 month ago

I love seeing how much people will pay for a dozen eggs. I may start my snake oil business now! No, seriously. There's lots of great people... except the ones who bring their dogs. They're jerks. The produce is so fresh. And they're always out of everything! Lots of music. None of it is actually good. The tamales are to die for, but they're always sold out of the good ones. And worm tailings? How have I lived without those for all these years? I enjoy the honey tasting snobs, too. They're good for a giggle. But if you want to really know what greatness is, you must try Clarke Farms strawberry/rhubarb pie. Honest to God (all snark aside), they are spectacular. Their blackberry is better, but it upsets my tummy. Actually, all their pies are wonderful. And once you cook up one of their chickens, you'll never be lured by 69 cent per pound Hi-Vee (or is it HIV?) cage chickens. Be sure and order a turkey from them in November. They are so good. So fresh. None of the nasty flavor that the big corp birds carry.

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