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How often in an 8-hour work day to you take a break to eat?

Response Percent Votes
Every four hours
44% 202
Every two hours
12% 57
I don’t work
11% 52
Every three hours
11% 51
I don’t eat at work
11% 51
Other (please explain in the comments)
5% 26
Every hour
3% 15
Total 454


Fred Whitehead Jr. 2 years ago

Most all businesses provide a 30 minute or one hour lunch break, sometimes staggered to keep the business staffed during the lunch periods. There are a few who require their employees to eat and remain on the job without pay such as a certain local locksmith company used to do. Rhis is of course a violation of federak law.


g_rock 2 years ago

Everyone in my office know that if I get grumpy, I probably missed yogurt time.


Antonym 2 years ago

12.5 hour days and sometimes I literally don't have time to eat except for maybe a bag of pretezels or something from the machine and wash them down at the water fountain.


its_just_math 2 years ago

I don’t work---11%---21

Surprised that's not topping the list. ;-)

(Here come the "mooch off your rich wife slurry of comments) Bring it!


CWGOKU 2 years ago

I eat when the others on the chain gang eat. Same for bathroom breaks


George_Braziller 2 years ago

Eat a big breakfast about 7 a.m. then have dinner about 7-8 p.m. Haven't eaten lunch for years.


BABBOY 2 years ago

In terms of muscle growth, best answer is every hour or every 2 hours. Small portions however. Can easily be done with protein bars or drinks without wasting time.


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