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Do you think the Lawrence Police Department should get a funding increase to add more positions?

Response Percent Votes
51% 515
41% 418
I’m not sure
6% 65
Total 998


Scott Morgan 4 years ago

Lawrence is a cool town. A cool town with more crime than we admit.

Jim Eckler 4 years ago

what ever it takes to keep us safe,is ok with me.

John Hamm 4 years ago

I think they need to take crime more seriously they go after what they want and whom they want. As an aside to kc0idf - does that mean we should break out our brown shirts and black Marias?

Lana Christie-Hayes 4 years ago

They fail to mention the statistic on police per capita as compared to other cities the same size. I would like to see that statistic for today's population in Lawrence. At one time Lawrence was in the top 10 in the nation. Personally, I don't think that the current crime rate in Lawrence would warrant more police.

Lana Christie-Hayes 4 years ago

This town is already tapped at 9.5% sales tax and property taxes that are through the ROOF!

moonlite318 4 years ago

I agree about the sales taxes and he property tax. PEOPLE you need to keep in mind if theses things keep going up the low income and people that are struggling to make ends meet are going to get hurt in the long run.

Kontum1972 4 years ago

yes,,and i feel that all police officers should pack dual Glocks and the police cars should be humvees with either tandum M-60's or dual Ma Deuces'...or a mini-gun....and mb a couple of RPG's backup....Huwah!

Crazy_Larry 4 years ago

And every police officer should wear a tamper-proof personal digital camera that records constantly while they are working.

Tara Painter 4 years ago

I like that idea! I don't think they need anything... but to actually do there jobs

somedude20 4 years ago

Can't we just make a robocop? One and done and the best part is he gets paid in oil and chrome cleaner (Still cheaper than a police force)

dad52 4 years ago

They need to do more with less, just like the rest of us have had to do.

Charles L Bloss Jr 4 years ago

I think everyone should be on the street, then they wouldn't need more officers. Most law enforcement agencies are top heavy, I expect this one is no different. Thank you, Lynn

2002 4 years ago

Is doesn't take more cops. It takes less cops dedicated to touchy feely make everyone feel good stuff. They are trained to carry guns, they don't need to be holding workshops. Let a grad student in sociology do those for 1/10 the price.

One idea though, I would support increasing police funding if it came from the fire department. They could cut the FD 25% or more and people will be no less safe.

oldvet 4 years ago

Dump the little-used MT and use the money from that to fund more police officers...

kwilkins74 4 years ago

Why give more money to the police when our public schools need more money. What about that?

dogsandcats 4 years ago

More police, fewer schools, no arts? Yeah, sounds greaaat.

Crazy_Larry 4 years ago

Welcome! To the New World Order.

cds 4 years ago

I'd say that considering the local pd has enough officers to send 10+ of them out to public parks at a time so they can harass people and make insinuations that they are gay, that we don't have any shortage of cops.

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