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The Downtown Lawrence Farmers’ Market begins Saturday, April 9. How often do you shop at the Farmers’ Market?

Response Percent Votes
A few times a year
34% 278
I’ve never been
32% 268
Usually on Saturdays
29% 238
Every day it’s open
3% 32
Total 816


sulliedotcom 3 years ago

Does anyone know if the Merc takes a pretty big hit when the farmers market is in season? Just curious.


Scattered 3 years ago

Consumer 1, you are definitely aptly named. (eyeroll)

I, for one, would prefer "dirty fingernails or toes" to food that has been not only handled by who knows what "dirty person", but most importantly is free of the dangerous chemicals found of most stores and hasn't been trucked in from unknown regions.


consumer1 3 years ago

I shop at HyVee everyday. The people who work there are wonderful, the products are good, the prices are fair, and the people selling them don't have dirty fingernails or toes. If there is a problem with the product, I can take it back for a refund or exchange. Oh, and they drug test their employees. They provide employment to several hundred people locally, they pay an enourmous amount of taxes, and they support local non profit organizations. Now what was the benefit of the Farmers market? Do they pay taxes on products sold? Do they pay verdor fees to the city? How many people do they employ? What is their overhead? Utiilities? Building rent? or parking lot rent to the city?


swampyankee 3 years ago

I really like the local pistachios


macon47 3 years ago

we used to try to go to support the local growers but it just wasnt worth the value added cost plus we got tired of putting up with everyones dog they felt the need to prance around like everyone wanted to see them in tandem it is a socal event, a place to see and be seen just for the monied folks and dog lovers


dogsandcats 3 years ago

Where is the option for "I went a couple times but it was so pricey it was basically the Merc, but outside."


BABBOY 3 years ago

I like the smaller ones in Topeka and Lawrence but the one in KC is huge. Not sure the deals are as good as they are cracked up to be. But, it is something different to do. I do not go that often. Few times a year at best.


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