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Will KU win enough football games in 2010 to be bowl-eligible?

Response Percent Votes
90% 2593
6% 195
I don’t know
3% 93
Total 2881


Norma Jeane Baker 5 years ago

They're missing the option for "I don't care".

purplesage 5 years ago

If our Hawks are "bowl-eligible" it is one more evidence that there are simply too many bowls to be eligible for.

1petadvocate 5 years ago

edjayhawk...being realistic doesn't constitute "fair weather" ; besides, I've found that most fans are used to do what they do best...blow air...usually hot.

jumpin_catfish 5 years ago

they still got some work to do but I hope they do go to a bowl

domino 5 years ago

Love my 'Hawks but will be pleasantly suprised if they make it to a bowl. That being said, I think there are WAY too many bowls out there anymore. It used to be something really special to get invited to a bowl game - back in the day when there was the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and maybe one or two others! By the time it gets around to bowl games, basketball season is here and that is more my sport anyway!

Go Hawks!

kernal 5 years ago

Maybe we'll get asked to one of the new bowls: The Chex Party Mix Bowl Chipotle Bowl Chili's Bowl

Before you know it, all the bowls names will change to the corporate names who sponser them, like the Rose Parade is no longer called the Tournament of Roses Parade thanks to their new corporate sponser.

mr_right_wing 5 years ago

Coach Mangino is saying....

"HA!! Where's your magic fix now?! Gimme that bowl of mash potatoes please."

How many more days until basketball??

Jeremiah Jefferson 5 years ago

KU won its last game a week ago, now comes the mega skid

topekan7 5 years ago

2010? NO 2011? NO 2012? NO 2013? NO 2014? NO ... you get the idea!

Bladerunner 5 years ago

At least we have another Kansas team to cheer for! Go Wildcats!

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