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Should Lawrence School District administrators get furloughs to be taken during school breaks or take a 2-percent pay cut?

Response Percent Votes
31% 241
27% 216
Pay cut
27% 214
8% 69
Not sure
4% 32
Total 772


Tamara Degner 7 years ago

Hey, days off during Christmas break, what could be better?

mr_right_wing 7 years ago

This (of course) would not apply to the highest-paid position (superintendent) right?

Ralph Reed 7 years ago

Furlough means that no pay is coming in at all. A 2% pay cut would be better.

naturalist 7 years ago

A pay cut is a permanent change to base salary upon which any future raises will be made so IMHO a furlough is a better option.

Bob Burton 7 years ago

2%, what a JOKE.. Make it 10% for every body & you may not have to lay off any body!! But they are to stupid to figure that out..

whats_going_on 7 years ago

everybody anybody too

Irony for the loss.

2002 7 years ago

Furlough's are stupid. They are a pay cut and time off, so basically less work gets done. If there needs to be a cut, then cut. If 2% is the issue, keep the pay the same and have them pay for their benefits to the equivalent of 2%.

I'm aware of an organization where the employees union was pushing for furlough over cuts or layoffs. The basic message was: if we're going to take a cut, then we're not working. Too bad they didn't realize that the workload didn't change.

d_prowess 7 years ago

2002: The basic message was: if we're going to take a cut, then we're not working. Too bad they didn't realize that the workload didn't change.

I don't understand what you are saying. Sure they aren't going to be working for those days, but the work will still be there after their time off and it will need to get done. So it is not like they are missing days and will have less work. They just will have to do more work to get caught up when they are back in the office.

mikebaker7 7 years ago

d_prowess: that is exactly what 2002 is saying. In the instance of the company he was referring to the workers thought that a furlough was a better option... ie, if I am going to make less money then I would rather stay at home... little did they realize, the work still has to get done when they get back from furlough.

Debra Schmidt 7 years ago

Furloughs are only a 'feel better than _" - it sells politically and sounds/feels like there is great sacrifice - but, good labor management will tell you only a reduction is earned wages over a period of time can control costs. Most folks in leadership that I know realize this. I am sure Supt. Doll and his leadership team recognize this. Good schools require good leadership - just like any private business needs good leadership. As long as the Kevin Yoder Repubs in are in charge of funding schools - be prepared to plan for the very worse - and then, hope for the best. Again, the children of Kansas are at risk. Forget arguing about "furloughs", that is simply a stragetically formulated way to show the average layperson that something different is happening - especially when you add the words "administrator pay cut" to the sentence. Somewhat amusing . . .

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