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Should casinos provide patrons free alcohol if they are gambling?

Response Percent Votes
62% 950
37% 571
Total 1521


1029 8 years ago

Absolutely. And free cigarettes, too.

denak 8 years ago

No,because it is unethical. If the casino wants people to play more, than they should increase the payouts. Serving alcohol is nothing more than a ploy to dupe people into getting drunk so that they will play more than they normally would under sober conditions. Futhermore, it increases the chances of the patron doing something reckless such as drinking and driving, or perhaps even comitting suicide once the patron realizes that they have lost everything.

Casinos are not customer driven. They are profit driven and any attempt on the casino's part to promote itself as such as just hypocrisy.


mdfraz 8 years ago

And every one of those people are adults who can make up their own minds to sit and play and/or to drink. When will we expect people to take responsibility for their own actions? If I go to the casino, which is fairly rare because I know the odds are stacked against me in basically every game, I will play a game where I have slightly better odds. I also don't drink the free alcohol precisely because I know I will probably lose more money if I do. But, as a private, money making company, if the casino knows they can make more money by offering free drinks, why should anyone step in and tell them it's "unethical". Again, free will for adults. Let them make their own choices, whether good or bad.

I'm so sick of the nanny state idea..........

Fatty_McButterpants 8 years ago

Dena... all businesses are "profit driven." To ignore that is naive.

Liberty275 8 years ago

Why not? As long as they are giving the booze to adults, it's no different than getting a fortune cookie after eating at a chinese restaurant. If people can't control their urge to gamble, drunk or not, that's their own problem to deal with.

Maddy Griffin 8 years ago

Until they kill someone you love on the drunken drive home.

chzypoof1 8 years ago

Oh come on Liberty, we have to do what Dena says and protect people from their own stupidity....

Isn't that what the government is good for?


whats_going_on 8 years ago

or protect other people from their stupidity. Aka driving drunk...wrecking...killing someone...etc. They might do it anyway, but might as well not give the drink to them for free, might as well ask them to do it.

Jeff Cuttell 8 years ago

Of course. People should be able to come away feeling like they came out ahead. "Well, I lost but I did have great time. And free booze all night."

somedude20 8 years ago

Went to Vegas a few years back and enjoyed the comp drinks. They were cheap with the liquor (small glass filled with lots of ice, coke and a little rum) and took a while for them to come around with another so I decided to hit the bar thinking the drinks would be cheap (as they want you to get drunk and spend more money) boy was I wrong. Ordered a double captain 'n' coke and it was $26 when ole boy told me that, I said no thanks and waited for the free ones

Bring on the dancing girls and put the champagne on ice, I'm goin' in - to Sin City

whats_going_on 8 years ago

the only difference in Vegas though is that you pretty much walk or take a cab, bus, or limo to the different resorts.

tellitlikeitis 8 years ago

The casinos around here have hotels you can stay at.

whats_going_on 8 years ago

true but it's just not probably as common as somewhere like Vegas, so I don't know if the two can be compared for this reason.

hedshrinker 8 years ago

If you saw the devastating effects on families that I do everyday from the deadly combination of compulsive gambling and substance abuse , you wouldn't be so cavalier in endorsing this completely transparent ploy by bloodsucking casinos to separate people from their money, sanity, and stable family life. Yes, personal responsibility is an issue here as it is for all health issues, but that's why we call it "public health"...if we don't pass certain restrictive laws AND provide certain kind of safety nets to help people do the right thing, the general public will eventually bear huge societal costs from drunk driving, domestic violence, homelessness, etc. especially in this economy where many people are struggling and may be more vulnerable to the temptations to make a fast buck. Businesses have responsibilities too not to be predatory. To compare free booze in a casino to getting a fortune cookie in a restaurant is beyond absurd.

Liberty275 8 years ago

If you saw the devastating effects on families that I do everyday from the deadly combination of compulsive gambling and substance abuse , you wouldn't be so cavalier in endorsing this completely transparent ploy by bloodsucking casinos

Don't be so sure of that.

if we don't pass certain restrictive laws

Don't ever think you and you nanny state knows what's best for me. Butt out.

Businesses have responsibilities too not to be predatory.

Businesses have one responsibility. Making money.

Not all of America wants you and your kind trying to run our lives. We have no use for you.

whats_going_on 8 years ago

and we have no use for people like you, who don't give a sh*t about anyone else but yourself.

Liberty275 8 years ago

Were you supposed to have a use for me?

notajayhawk 8 years ago

"If you saw the devastating effects on families that I do everyday from the deadly combination of compulsive gambling and substance abuse , you wouldn't be so cavalier in endorsing this completely transparent ploy by bloodsucking casinos to separate people from their money, sanity, and stable family life."

I see it every day (it's what I do for a living). The compulsive gambler, once he's made the decision to enter the casino, really isn't staying for the drinks.

By the way, how have those laws against drugs worked out at getting substance abusers to quit?

whats_going_on 8 years ago

we're not giving free crack to the 'heads...

John Reher 8 years ago

No such thing as a "free" drink. OK, maybe one but, if you don't tip, they don't come back. On the other hand, if you are generous, they get generous too. Vegas again next month...better than our little casinos anyway.

whatadrag 8 years ago

People shouldn't be responsible for their own actions...

morroray 8 years ago

I live in Calif & visit Lawrence a few times a year. I spend many days a year in Reno & at South Lake Tahoe. Free drinks in a casino is just part of the gambling world. Like with everything a person needs to be responsible for his or her actions. Too many free drinks or too much gambling, etc., is not other peoples problem.We don't need the govt to tell us how to live our lives if though various govts are trying to. We don't need the food police, the drinking police, etc. The first time I was at Harrahs in North Kansas City I was surprised that free drinks were not allowed in MO or KS although you can buy a drink at the bar & carry it around. Free drinks ADD to the gambling experience.

Liberty275 8 years ago

It's ironic that men have been using free drinks to help women accidentally get pregnant since the dawn of civilization. As for the government telling women to murder their fetuses or not, it's none of the government's business what women do with their bodies (for free or for money).

OTOH, the government is constitutionally mandated to provide for the common defense (ie missiles), but not to provide an education. Funny how things like that work out.

whats_going_on 8 years ago

pretty sure that most of the alcohol induced "accidental" pregnancies aren't because guys secretely wanted a girl to get knocked up. I know you probably read that in some book outlining excuses as to why men do what they do (I mean, it's natural!)

whatadrag 8 years ago

Work on your comparisons. It's illogical to relate casino-goers to toddlers, suicidals, and high schoolers. Also, illegal drugs and knives aren't quite the same as alcohol and gambling. There's a reason you must be 21 or older to legally drink and/or gamble.

Liberty275 8 years ago

When you have no logical reasoning to back up your argument, you turn to logical fallacies. pykwacket is just using every trick he/she can come up with to justify handing more of his/her rights over to the nanny state. Don't expect anything more from him/her and you won't be disappointing.

whats_going_on 8 years ago

t's illogical to relate casino-goers to toddlers...

if you think about it, is it really THAT illogical? People with little brains (in other words...drunk) constantly pushing bright, colored, musical buttons.

denak 8 years ago

No where in my posts did I advocate government intevention in a person's private life. The article pertains to casinos and how they run their business. I think some of you just post as a knee jerk reaction to try to get a dig in. Sorry but you made yourself look stupid, not me.

Furthermore, nowhere did I say that a person was not responsible for his or her behavior. Of course they are. However, again, the article is not about a person's behavior but the casino's behavior.

There is a liability issue I'm sure some of you did not think about. The same way a bar can be held responsible for someone drinking and driving, so should a casino be held responsible, especially if they are pushing drinks onto a customer in a reckless and negligent manner


whatadrag 8 years ago

In what manner are these drinks being recklessly and negligently pushed onto customers? I'm pretty sure the customers spending money would be offered a periodic drink. The customer could choose to accept or decline. If the person has to drive and they choose to drink, that is entirely their own responsibility.

I don't think free drinks at a casino will add to the list of people who ruin their lives at a casino.

Liberty275 8 years ago

That would have saved the kennedy's a small fortune.

notajayhawk 8 years ago

Remember where old Joe made the family fortune in the first place?

filapino 8 years ago

They also should put a limit on how much you can gamble if you're drinking ..

Shane Garrett 8 years ago

Free Market, Free Enterprise, Free drinks. Sounds good to me. Just would want those served by a gal in a short dress and a long jacket.

mr_right_wing 8 years ago

Let's just be blunt about it; what would the motivation be to provide free drinks?

Get you drunk and impair your judgement so you leave with little to no money. (You could almost call it financial rape.)

Now I am "mr_right_wing" so I'm not saying the government shouldn't allow it; I just think it is a bad idea.

Liberals shouldn't be gambling anyway...90% of casinos are owned by big, evil, heartless corporations run by male capitalist pigs!! Shame on you...

somedude20 8 years ago

I grow tired of having to set the "norms" in society based on the "weakest links".

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

Where is the hog? He'd have some observations...

beatrice 8 years ago

Is it even possible to get drunk on the watered down beverages they call alcoholic drinks?

Yes, companies should give anything away that they choose, and people should make up their minds if they should or shouldn't partake. If you drink too much, then don't drive, just like visiting a bar with drink specials. Simple as that.

independant1 8 years ago

If there are no free drinks why go to a Casino? That's my qualifier.

Clean them up, turn Casinos into nonprofit charitable orgs.

ralphralph 8 years ago

Free drinks, AND fish tacos! Woo-hoo!

Zachary Stoltenberg 8 years ago

Wouldn't this be in direct violation of the state's "Open Saloon" law?

independant1 8 years ago

not if there is a religious ceremony involved - Clean them up, turn Casinos into nonprofit charitable orgs. This would clear up any problems with that.

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