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Which sports story are you paying more attention to, LeBron James or the World Cup final?

Response Percent Votes
56% 462
World Cup
30% 252
LeBron James
12% 104
Total 818


riverdrifter 7 years ago

I'm thinking about going pheasant hunting. November is so much more fun.

jaywalker 7 years ago

Lebron lost a lot of respect from me with this "Decision" nonsense. An hour-long special to announce where he's going to play?! Swell. He's now become the Mariah Carey of the NBA; formerly humble, seemingly a good guy with a good head on his shoulders, mature for his age since he entered the league. Then this travesty. The whole thing is reminiscent of The Farvre Chronicles, and just as nauseating. I'm glad it was all anti-climactic and the beans were spilled more than 24 hours in advance. 'Course, you take the drama out of it yourself when you plan a party in South Beach, like some yahoo isn't gonna leak that.
Such a shame. And a sham.

John Hamm 7 years ago

How about,"U.S. Tomahawk Missiles Deployed Near China Send Message?"

jaywalker 7 years ago

Time to start calling him "Queen James" for such diva-like behavior.

blindrabbit 7 years ago

Should have a third choice; Tour d' France.

bretherite 7 years ago

I am with blindrabbit. Bring on the Tour d' France. Should have been a choice.

bretherite 7 years ago

I am with blindrabbit. Bring on the Tour d' France. Should have been a choice.

Flap Doodle 7 years ago

Mutilating non-believers is a popular sport in some parts of the world. “Suspected Islamic militants have chopped off a Catholic professor’s hand in Kerala for allegedly insulting Islam in an exam question paper. Professor T.J. Joseph was attacked on July 4 in while returning home from Sunday mass with his mother and sister, a Catholic nun. Kochi inspector-general of police, B. Sandya, told that an Islamic extremist group is suspected of the crime and have arrested four people and impounded a vehicle. She said the attackers used the vehicle to block Joseph’s car before dragging the professor from his vehicle and chopping off his right hand. The attackers then threw the hand away before fleeing…”

beatrice 7 years ago

Copying and pasting stories that have no relevance is also a sport for some ... losers.

beatrice 7 years ago

James is a great player who must lack confidence in his own abilities. He finds it necessary to try to be part of a super team in order to feel he can win. He just tanked his legacy.

beawolf 7 years ago

The "King James Special" was higher rated than "The Tiger Woods 'I cheated on my wife but I'll still play in the Masters' Show".

xfactor 7 years ago

Only in America...the Tour de France isn't listed but Lebron James is.

labmonkey 7 years ago

I'll be glad when NFL training camps start, and the United States can get back to normal sportswise.

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