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Do you support the Lawrence school district plan to move ninth-graders to high school, and sixth-graders to middle school?

Response Percent Votes
64% 728
29% 336
Not sure
5% 66
Total 1130


Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

yes, larryville needs to catch up w/ the rest of the state.

kjo_shorty 8 years ago

honeychild... that is exactly what I was thinking. I'd have to research to be certain, but I believe only the bigger school districts (5A/6A) still have 6th graders in elementary buildings.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

well salina is 5A. we have two (public) middle schools and two high schools (have had since 1969). back when i was a kid, "junior high" was 7th and 8th but the integrated 6th into middle school as of, i think about 2002 (i might be off by a year). anyway, as far as the high schools, they have always been 9-12.

before in this forum, someone mentioned how the little 9th grade girls would be targets for sexual harrassment by the big, almost grown 12th grade boys. that's hogwash. these comments were probably made by someone who had personally experienced this back when they were in school but it is not indicative to the 9th-12th set up overall. when i was in school, any 12th grade guy who was targeting a freshman girl would've been so dogged out by his peers he wouldn't have been able to show his face! and i asked my sons, who also attend salina central (one graduated last year and one is currently a sophomore) if they have ever seen anything along this line of bullying and they looked at me as if i were crazy, rolled their eyes and said "NO, MOM!!"

Cindy Yulich 8 years ago

If the move isn't a good one, every other school district administration and board in the state - without exception - has it wrong.

Gareth Skarka 8 years ago

The problem is that the high schools were built for 10-12. Adding another class is going to result in overcrowding, and limited resources per student (made worse by the lack of funding -- the result of economic recession and 20+ years of Republicans convincing people that taxes are "bad.")

The decline in the quality of education at the high schools is noticeable just over the past decade -- I can't imagine what it's going to look like with another 200+ kids crammed in.

Clickker 8 years ago

LHS was actually built for about 1900 kids which is what it had in the 70's and 80's. Now it has about 1200? I dont think your point is valid.

Lori Nation 8 years ago

They need to decide before school ends this year. I would love to have my soon to be 6th grader in middle school that way I am not having her wait for her elementary to start at almost 9 oclock. (which is hard on parents who work from 8-5)

Susan Lee 8 years ago

I am so sick of the argument "they are already so grown up, let them move up".

SO WHAT...why hasten the process? I am in Salina, and I can tell you that there are lots of very unhappy and nervous sixth graders at the middle schools here.

By the way, your town needs to be vigilant about the closing of the elementary schools. They closed nearly half of them here, creating huge elementary schools where the sense of community/family is gone. There is a terrible busing mess, as now some children live miles and miles from school. The schoolbuses run in two shifts in an attempt to transport them. High school and middle schools start at 7:30 most days.

I have many teacher friends who all agree it was the biggest mistake.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

elementary doesn't start there until almost 9:00 am? wow!

mom_of_three 8 years ago

Back, way back when, I was part of the first freshmen class in my high school. NO harrassment, unless you walked down senior steps, which no one did. Younger students had more class options and opportunities. Wish they would have done this when my kids would have benefitted.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

what is so nerve racking about the middle schools in salina, scattered? i can't speak for south middle school but my youngest is in 6th grade at lakewood. he is my 3rd child to attend there. they pretty much have the 6th graders off in their own section and they hardly ever have opportunities to intermingle w/ the 7th and 8th graders. about the only time they see the older kids is right before school and right after school. during class, in transition between classes and at lunch they NEVER see the older kids. so, again i ask, what is there to be nervous about for 6th graders at the salina middle schools?

Lori Nation 8 years ago

Only certain schools start at 9 because the school board won't start them earlier due to the lack of bus issues. But our school district elemenated our bus unless you live more than 2.5 miles from school and that pretty much means most kids have to walk or get a ride to school. That is why I am glad they are thinking of moving 6th graders that way I can now take my kid to school at a descent hour.

pace 8 years ago

I would support it more if 9th. and 10th. grades went to one HS and 11th. and 12th. to the other. I think it would save some money and build a stronger sense of community.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

iris, that's how salina's school bussing is as well and i think its always been like that (re: 2.5 miles). unless your child is special needs, of course. regardless, i think it sucks. 2 miles is too damn far for any kid to walk to or from school-- especially in the crappy weather we get in KS.

Angela Heili 8 years ago

I think it's a little sad that some adults still use the, "everyone else is doing it", reason for things. We should do what's right for our children and not what will help us "keep up with the Jones' ". School crowding is going to be a bigger issue than it already is if we make this move. I think they are fine the way they are. I attended a high school that had 9-12 and the crowding was insane. We already have too many students for each teacher.

Kash_Encarri 8 years ago

There is no keeping up with the Joneses or everyone else is doing it to this argument.

9th grade is considered to be high school. Pull out Parry's high school transcript, it will include whatever his/her grades were at West/Central/South/Southwest.

Why don't you want Parry to have access to ALL of the classes a high school student should have in order to have a broad educational experience? Or would you prefer we spend even more money to expand the course selection available at each jr high?

Both high schools have the ability to absorb the 9th graders, especially since the student population has been on a decline in the classes behind this current 9th grade class.

This is the right move for our children. The current system delays their development both academically and socially.

sherlock 8 years ago

So what if the high school is crowded? Solution: yeah, we must build a 3rd high school! Watch it happen as soon as you voters forget about closing grade schools. Voters have short memories I guess the school board thinks. After all its youre money they spend! They have money to run all over and buy more land for more schools. Just think if they close schools on the east side, then in about 2 years----have to build another grade school on the west side cause all those new, unpaid for schools are too full. All the families on the east side of town will run to the west so they are closer to the elite side of town!

GardenMomma 8 years ago

Hmm, Honeychild. When I was in high school, every senior boy was dating a sophomore girl. Seemed that if they weren't dating a sophomore, they were the odd guy out.

Just my experience.

And it's not about "catching up with the rest of the state," it's about what's best for the kids.

Rushing this change through isn't really in the best interests of the kids that are going to be affected.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

there was this guy who was a senior and dating a freshman (dating, not harrassing) and people were teasing him for dating jail bait. now, mind you, there was only a 3 or 4 year difference in ages, but when you're a teenager, that's like dog years. lol

i agree, it shouldn't be rushed. and if you all's high schools were built to accomodate 10-12 then that should definitely be looked into-- over crowding is not a good thing. especially when it comes to schools.

Angela Heili 8 years ago

Kash_Encarri: Ya know? I didn't think about the fact that the 9th graders don't have access to those classes. Good point!!

And for the lighter side, Parry is my horse. LOL

bendover61 8 years ago

It is obvious what is going on: The high schools don't have empty classrooms sitting and waiting for the freshman, after a couple of years of over crowded classes the high schools will need to be expanded and taxes will be raised. The people of Lawrence have never seen a tax they don't like, especially for schools.

vinividivici 8 years ago

Am I understanding correctly the people who are seriously using the argument that these 9th grade "kids" don't need to be pushed to grow up so fast? How many of these "kids" are already allowed to drive a vehicle? Teenagers are coddled WAY to much. I work for an apartment complex and am rather appalled to see the number of college freshman and sophomores who have Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus plastered all over their walls. (Generally the same ones who I have to explain to how to write a check and read a utility bill because mom and dad take care of everything.) Do they not realize that these Disney "stars" are writing music and acting in movies geared toward 9-14 year olds? Throw them in school with the older kids, teach them some humility, expose them to age appropriate entertainment and require "life skills" classes to teach kids what they need to know after they get their diploma.

1029 8 years ago

Maybe Lawrence should look into getting rid of the 9th grade year altogether. Not only would money be saved by getting rid of teachers and not having to serve as many kids at lunch, but this would allow the kids to take a year off, explore the world around them, and see if high school is really for them. Numerous other problems would also be solved with this scenario--no more overcrowded classrooms, lockers for every student, not as many dangerous school busses on the road, etc, etc

kjo_shorty 8 years ago

To all of you with bussing concerns... heaven forbid you have to be responsible for getting your own children to and from school!

Lori Nation 8 years ago

@kjo_shorty: bussing isnt the issue it's the very late start of the school that irritates me, Do you go to work @9? Most people who work are already working by 8 if not earlier.

Mel Briscoe 8 years ago

my guess is kjo doesn't have school aged children OR he/she lives right across the street from the kid's school. lol

Stephen Roberts 8 years ago

Based on the presentation by school admin last night at the board meeting, they stated there is enough room in each HS to handle the additional students.

Also, the are empty classrooms each period in each High school, the classrooms are being used by teachers for planning. It needed, those teachers could do their planning in another room.

kjo_shorty 8 years ago

@honeychild.... I do have school aged children (elementary and middle school) and I do not live across from the school. I do however, have arrangements for alternate transportation. I never said I agreed with school starting at 9. It's a pain in the a$$.

Reuben Turner 8 years ago

i vote no; but does that mean anything?

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