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Should the city of Lawrence pursue a plan to add more electric vehicles to its fleet?

Response Percent Votes
47% 360
46% 352
Not sure
5% 43
Total 755


Abdu Omar 7 years, 7 months ago

If the old fleet is wearing out, then replace them with hybrid vehicles where ever possible. Save us money. But to just go out and bujy for the sake of buying, I say "no".

denak 7 years, 7 months ago

I'm with wounded_soldier. If it is cost effective and would not create new debt and the electric vehicles are equal or superior to a regular vehicle, then purchase one when the old cars wear out. However, if they are not equal, then don't and certainly don't go out and buy a bunch of them if we don't need them.


izzybear 7 years, 7 months ago

we are already straped for money here that's why the cuty keeps raising taxesso here is some simple advice if we don't have money to take care of what we already have why would you go buy more?

Chris Ogle 7 years, 7 months ago

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have." -Thomas Jefferson

love2fish_ks 7 years, 7 months ago

The battery manufacturing process is more harmful to the environment than a gasoline engine. Too, the power plants burn coal.

Kirk Larson 7 years, 7 months ago

Batteries can be made relatively cleanly. Batteries can also be recycled. Yes, power plants burn coal to charge the cars, but the net efficiency is better than with internal combustion which is very inefficient and eventually cars could be charged with wind or solar as we make the transition away from fossil fuels.

huskerpower 7 years, 7 months ago

Exactly. Over 95% of the parts that make up a battery are recyclable.

Say what you want about coal, but if an electric motor uses that energy at 80% efficiency (which is very low for modern electric motors), the harmful effects are going to have some room given that IC engines are only 40% efficient.

Some people are just stuck in their old ways and I think a large amount of the problem is because they don't understand the technology.

notorious_agenda 7 years, 7 months ago

From the coal on the train to the plant plant to the battery and through the motor while driving up a hill into the wind during the heat of summer whats the total efficiency? And at what speeds in what conditions are your estimates based?

In a time of pragmatic energy conservation where most Americans have drastically reduced their power use on a national level why fish for new methods to strain our present day resources? I'm not talking about decades away, if ever, wind farms. I'm talking about right now in the present.

optimist 7 years, 7 months ago

It would be important to know what mandates come with these federal dollars. All too often these programs provide seed money but commit the local government to spend local tax dollars in future years to sustain the program over the long term.
Either way it's money wasted. If this technology were economically viable the private sector would be knocking down the city's door for the privilege of putting in these refueling stations.

labmonkey 7 years, 7 months ago

How many miles and how long must they keep these vehicles to save the taxpayer any money is the question that should be asked. Right now, the city and county should be doing everything in their power to extend the life of their current vehicles.

HaRDNoK9 7 years, 7 months ago

$660,000 to add 2 new charging stations and 4 electric cars that look more like golf carts, is what is on the table. Even if the charging stations cost 30 grand a piece, that works out to $150,000 per electric car. Are they buying Aston Martin electric cars with that money? Lawrence has a bus company. Let them ride the bus to work.

huskerpower 7 years, 7 months ago

Did you read the article?

They are buying Ford Escapes.

booyalab 7 years, 7 months ago

Absolutely, if it helps the city commissioners sleep at night and feel morally superior during the day. But if it doesn't cost any extra and saves money in the long run, heck no.

Jeanne Cunningham 7 years, 7 months ago

People balked at electric typewriters, too. And, oh yah, many balked at typewriters before that. As new technologies become available, there will always be naysayers. And the maintenance and upfront costs always go down as the availability and demand increase. How much did you pay for your first tv? computer? cell phone? and, do the batteries last longer? can you recharge your phone?

Hang on for the ride!

booyalab 7 years, 7 months ago

New technology isn't the problem. The problem is the source of the funds to buy it. If the source wouldn't exist without coercion then you don't have resources being directed to their most efficient use. If the government was directly involved in the transition from carving in stone slabs to computers, we'd probably be sponge-painting letters with sea urchins and it would cost $90 billion dollars a year.

Liberty275 7 years, 7 months ago

"electric car" is idiotspeak for "coal-fueled car".

mbulicz 7 years, 7 months ago

Let's look at this intelligently. I want to do some math for you.

Let's consider that the government buys regular, gas-powered cars.

Let's even use a high estimate of $30k/car. Let's add $0.50 per mile operating cost. Federal mileage rate this year is $0.50 per mile, so this is what will actually get budgeted to run these things.

Four cars = $120,000 150,000 miles x 4 cars x $0.50 per mile operating cost = $300,000 Total for 4 gas powered cars, lifetime = $420,000

Not even factoring in the electric cars' operating cost and pricey repairs, they are a quarter million dollars more expensive than gas operated cars.

Lawmakers, how about you run these numbers through a calculator and a working human brain before making purchases with our tax money?

booyalab 7 years, 7 months ago

Exactly. Maybe some day, if the electric car industry is private and subject to normal competition, the cars will become more cost effective. But if government stimulus keeps the industry alive artificially, there will be no incentive for anyone to cut costs.

independant1 7 years, 7 months ago

30 to 40 miles range, acid core batteries, it's a golf cart

Dirtman24 7 years, 7 months ago

PPPFFFFFF....... You got major city streets that need repaired and that money should be for that only. I don't care what vehicle you got but the neglect the city and city workers who drive these roads are FULLY aware potholes after potholes are there and do nothin bout it till a report is made.. From these potholes it is a EXPENSIVE REPAIR to all vehicles till roads are repaired before this lame excuse to spend tax payers money on something that WILL NOT be used all that often as the roads....

I think its time the CITY cuts the crap and takes our tax paying money and repair our roads that get us to these lame excuse plug in poles for hybrids.. So a POLL for this should be removed since its the CITIES RESPONSIBILITY to see our streets are in proper working order as in fixing potholes WITHOUT A REPORT MADE by US the COMMUNITY who drives these roads and see what every city official,worker,supervisor and heck the whole staff of city workers.

POLL lol people you need to think hard bout your vote, when these plugin poles are installed our taxes going up again and we will have to pay for that electric bill one way or another. Get real, more important things to worry bout than a plug for a car at this point.... Try tracking down on folks who are texting and driving and issue BIGGER fines, I followed a dumb arse college girl from 31st and Iowa to 6th and Iowa and she texted the whole way swerving lane to lane and barely had her eyes on the road and a police car in front of her at 15th and Iowa, time for more wrecks college kids are back and city only worried about car plugin poles, what about SAFETY infact PUBLIC SAFETY!!!!! get my drift.............

irvan moore 7 years, 7 months ago

not just no but heck no! i double dog dare this commission to do something smart just once.

independant1 7 years, 7 months ago

The commishes are just playing politics, crapola.

Kontum1972 7 years, 7 months ago

we need electric tiolets..with electric wipers.....

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